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It's here: the latest launch of The Coucou Club! The Coucou Body Roller is a sonic vibrating Y-shaped massage device with built-in tourmaline stones. The latest Coucou beauty tool is completely inspired by South America, in particular Brazil, where massage and lymphatic drainage are common in the daily skin and bodycare routines.

What does it do?
  • Activates the skin cells and improves skin metabolism.
  • Stimulates fluid and blood circulation.
  • Reduces fat accumulation.
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • Gives a lifting effect because the vibrations in combination with the massage strengthen the muscles and body contours.

Coucou expert Charley Huf, owner of De Bindweefselbar in Amsterdam:
“An activating massage keeps your body and skin in top condition and ensures that they stay healthy. Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are key. The Coucou Body Roller gives more than 7200 vibrations per minute, reaching as far as the dermis and even deep into the muscles!"

How to use

You can use The Coucou Club Coucou Body Roller on your legs, stomach, buttocks, arms! Just anywhere you want it really. Roll two minutes per body part on dry skin. Or massage your skin after applying body lotion so that the product is absorbed better. Always roll in the direction of the heart; this promotes blood circulation. Don't be afraid to put pressure.


The tourmaline stone originates from Brazil and is very popular in cosmetics. Our body consists of positive and negative ions. Stress, little sleep and too little oxygen disturb this balance. Positively charged electronic devices such as your telephone and laptop also contribute to this. Too many positive ions cause disease, slow down the immune system and speed up the aging process. Tourmaline stone balances these ions. On the other hand, negative ions facilitate oxygen to your cells, improve blood circulation and the natural possibility of healing. For those who believe in mental strength, tourmaline brings inspiration and happiness, and tourmaline would increase the sense of self-confidence.

The Coucou Body Roller comes with a battery, a detailed map with instructions and The Coucou Club stickers! 

About the brand

An ancient Chinese beauty ritual revives! Named as the 'work-out for the face', 'natural face-lift' and 'rejuvenating beauty tool with healing effect', The Coucou Club launches their first product: Coucou Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers! Let's roll.

Reviews (2)

  • 11-9-2019
  • 19-7-2019
    De Body Roller is makkelijk in gebruik. Het rollen is op sommige plaatsen niet pijnloos en leverde zelfs een paar kleine blauwe plekjes op, maar daarom heb ik wel het idee dat het z’n werk doet. Ik ervaar een gladdere huid na een week.


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