Mauvais Garcon - 50 ml

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Mauvais Garcon from Brecourt was created by Emilie Bouge in 2010 as a seductive fragrance for a bad boy. The one who thought that he could seduce the whole world with his physique and virile attitudes. He almost convinced you by his guile and polish. Too late, you realized that he is a bad boy...

A combination of woods (Cedarwood from Virginia, patchouli from Indonesia) and fresh spices (cinnamon from Ceylan, nutmeg) evokes a primitive virility which I’ve differentiated by a refined touch of sandalwood and white flowers. The addictive nature of the fragrance is reinforced by suave notes of tonka beans and vanilla.

Top notes: bergamot, cinnamon, basil, elemi and nutmeg
Heart notes: lavender, artemisia and white flowers
Base notes: sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, tonka and vanilla

Brecourt is a French perfume house and translates special moments in special perfumes! Founder Emilie Bouge Brecourt wants to share her passion for perfumes with everyone. A passion for rare and exclusive. A passion for quality and the unending quest for the expression of new emotions in beautiful scents.

How to use

Spray Mauvais Garcon from Brecourt on your wrist, in your neck, behind your ears or in your inner elbows. These spots are the warmest places of your body so the perfume will react with your body heat and keeps emanate the perfume.

You can also spray some perfume in your hair so you can smell the sent as you move. Do keep a distance while spraying the perfume in your hair because the perfume contains alcohol and can dry out the ends.

About the brand

With her brand Brecourt, founder Emilie Bouge shares her perfume passion with everyone. A passion for the rare, for the exclusive. A passion for quality and for the endless search for the expression of new emotions. The granddaughter of the entrepreneurs of a French fragrance house, Emilie – who is a highly experienced nose herself – continues the family tradition and adds a new chapter to history by combining the French perfume tradition with the modern zeitgeist. “I have taken the places and moments that are special to the wearers of my fragrances and captured them in a bottle,” she says, “so as to emphasize their personality.” Whether you’re male or female, don’t hesitate and discover which Brecourt scent suits your personality best.