Brecourt - Rosa Gallica - 50 ml

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50 ml
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Rosa Gallica from Brecourt is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Rosa Gallica was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Emilie Bouge. The fragrance features rose, musk and woody notes. Rose, the queen of flowers, prickly but graceful, a subtle mystery of beauty, who invites herself at the strongest moments in our life. This was at the heart of this first opus... Rosa Gallica, it is the original rose from which all the others come from. Forgotten since Anacréon but found growing wild somewhere in Central Europe and distilled in a organic way by a Frenchman fond of Georgia and flowers… A Strange blend which ended in an incredibly powerful and pure fragrance. A mixture of sweetness and strength where the rose adorns itself with dry and precious wood with the background of ambergris.

”The collection of scents “Ephémère” aims at exploring the old and sometimes forgotten universe of rare and precious essences, often abandoned by the modern perfumery, due to high costs or because the raw materials are produced in such a limited quantity that a mass production is not possible. 

The creation becomes “Ephemeral” as the commercial continuity of the product is not guaranteed, as it is linked to the availability, the quality and the quantity of the raw material. The creation will remain only in the souvenir of the ones who were able to discover it. For the first edition of the collection Emilie Bouge, the creator, has tried to give birth to a fragrance that had as the main subject the Queen of flowers: The Gallic Rose. The Gallic Rose can be considered as the original Rose, the mother of all Roses, already known and cultivated in pre-Christian times. Almost totally disappeared from commerce, the Gallic Rose has these days only hybrid versions. Emilie Bouge was able to find in Central Europe an organic farmer of Gallic Rose with whom to share love and respect of flowers. ”After smelling for the first time an extract of its perfume, I was totally bewitched of its un unmatched aromatic power”. All the components of this fragrance have been associated to create a scent dedicated to the ”Connaisseurs”, an ancestral and mythic fragrance, blended with an unusual woody dry note. A perfume which is a Masterpiece of ”Haute Parfumerie”, to be loved not only by women, but also by most refined gentlemen.

Top notes: Baie rose Incense
Heart notes: Gallican Rose, Myrrh
Base notes: Cashmere woods, Ebony, Ambergris

Brecourt is a French perfume house and translates special moments in special perfumes! Founder Emilie Bouge Brecourt wants to share her passion for perfumes with everyone. A passion for rare and exclusive. A passion for quality and the unending quest for the expression of new emotions in beautiful scents.

How to use

Spray Rosa Gallica from Brecourt on your wrist, in your neck, behind your ears or in your inner elbows. These spots are the warmest places of your body so the perfume will react with your body heat and keeps emanate the perfume.

You can also spray some perfume in your hair so you can smell the sent as you move. Do keep a distance while spraying the perfume in your hair because the perfume contains alcohol and can dry out the ends.

About the brand

With her brand Brecourt, founder Emilie Bouge shares her perfume passion with everyone. A passion for the rare, for the exclusive. A passion for quality and for the endless search for the expression of new emotions. The granddaughter of the entrepreneurs of a French fragrance house, Emilie – who is a highly experienced nose herself – continues the family tradition and adds a new chapter to history by combining the French perfume tradition with the modern zeitgeist. “I have taken the places and moments that are special to the wearers of my fragrances and captured them in a bottle,” she says, “so as to emphasize their personality.” Whether you’re male or female, don’t hesitate and discover which Brecourt scent suits your personality best.


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