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BDK Parfums - Oud Abramad - 100 ml

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100 ml
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Oud Abramad from BDK Parfums is an intense Oriental perfume. It has oriental ingredients only, it will take you on a trip to the Middle East. The woody notes provide elegance and strength, the Turkish rose gives this lasting perfume a dreamy character. The exclusive Agarwood typifies this perfume of BDK parfums.

The story tells about the prince of Abramad, living behind closed doors in an Oriental palace. In the evenings, the floors are still warm from the heat of the day. The indoor gardens seem to open to the cooler evening air. The darkness of the desert creeps under the arcades of the palace that encircle the gardens. Someone traverses the night. Very gentle movement of fabric is audible, a cape moves. The silhouette strides carefully and slowly through the quiet gardens. Maybe it's Abramad? A heavy door opens, the light falls through. There is a proud posture in the doorway, the shadow visible on the ground. She disappears. Above are the seven dark windows of the palace, they look down on you like big eyes. In the obscure darkness, someone is facing the desert.

Top notes: Saffron, Ginger
Heart notes: Turkish Rose, Cumin
Base notes: Agarwood, Gaiac, Rose, Incense, Patchouli, Castoreum, Orcanox

How to use

Spray Oud Abramad from BDK Parfums on your wrist, in your neck, behind your ears or in your inner elbows. These spots are the warmest places of your body so the perfume will react with your body heat and keeps emanate the perfume. You can also spray some perfume in your hair so you can smell the sent as you move. Do keep a distance while spraying the perfume in your hair because the perfume contains alcohol and can dry out the ends.

About the brand

David Benedek, founder of BDK Parfums, is one of the most talented young noses in Paris. Even before hitting his thirties, he had already developed a perfume collection that is as innovative as it is exciting. Having grown up in an environment surrounded by fragrances, David worked for several perfume houses before launching his own brand. “I am a perfume maker; I write all the formulas myself,” he says, and he always chooses exclusive ingredients and materials for each of his BDK Parfums. Not only is he elegant and graceful in his style, David is also passionate about premium packaging, which echoes the quality and finesse of his perfumes. Lose yourself to your olfactory senses and enter the intriguing world BDK Parfums!

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