DIY Makeup!

DIY Makeup!

Do you need an extra hand when it comes to make-up? Starting now COSMANIA introduces regularly make up looks that you can easily create yourself! Do you want to try the make-up from this face chart? Just follow these steps and you will start your day in class!

#2: You start with Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #06 a gorgeous gold color. Apply this color on your eyelid.

Tip: Try to dab the eyeshadow on the lid instead of rubbing it on. The dabbing motion gives the colors a more dense look!

#3: Continue with Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eyeshadow #114. We only gonna use for now the 2 darkest colors from this handy 3 color eyeshadow. You start with the middle color and apply this to the crease. You start on the outside of your eye and in a windscreen wiper motion you will blend it towards your inner corner. You will repeat this step with the darker color.

Beware; do not extend the darker color passing the lighter purple, better keep it smaller than the lighter purple.

#4: After that we go on with the Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow #494. You are going to place this purple on the outer corner of your eye and up in the crease. Almost the same as #2 and #3 but now you are going to focus on the outer corner. Also take this shadow across your upper lash line and stop halfway. Blend all the shadows together so you don't have any harsh lines. Use a clean fluffy brush (Inglot brush 4SS)

#6: To give your look a statement you are going to use Inglot soft precision eyeliner #43. Apply this to your top lash line and stop halfway and also apply it to your lower water line to give a extra pop of color!

#9: To complete your eye look apply a generous coat of mascara. Use Inglot Secret Volume Mascara for a volume boost!

#7: To create quick and easy eyebrows use the Inglot Brow Shaping Pencil #62. Apply this to your eyebrows and comb trough with a spooly/eyebrow comb (Inglot brush 14M) to comb the hairs in place.

#5: Take Inglot Freedom System Blush #27 onto your Inglot brush (15BJF) brush and start at the apple of your cheek and blend it towards your ear.

#8: To put the cherry on top apply Inglot Lipduo #18 on your lips with your ring finger.

Your look is complete! Enjoy and don't hesitate to stop by at our store on the Herenstraat 19 for more tips and tricks!