New! Sleep 3.0 from This Works!

New! Sleep 3.0 from This Works!

In any one month Google will see 1.3 million searches for ‘Can’t Sleep’, 3 million searches for ‘Insomnia’ and 3.2 million searches for ‘Sleep’. On an average day Twitter will see over 140,000 ‘Can’t Sleep, 44.000 ‘Insomnia’ and 1,750,000 ‘Sleep’ tweet inclusions.

The issue of sleep has never been so widely debated, discussed or reported and it is clear that the need for sleep is a common denominator and the issues caused by lack of sleep a universal equaliser. With the launch of its latest aroma therapeutic sleep solution Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, This Works aims to provide a natural, fast-acting and highly effective remedy for those who experience interrupted and broken sleep during the night.

This Works initiated clinical trials undertaken by a global leader in consumer product testing ahead of this product hitting the shelves, to determine the efficacy and potency of its latest launch and has some impressive results:
- 89% of ex-sleep prescription medication users would use sleep plus in place of sleep medications
- 100% of users would recommend sleep plus to a friend

In order to enable the unique aromatherapy benefits of the sleep fragrance to work harder, This Works has harnessed the power of Microencapsulation technology: a sophisticated process whereby tiny droplets of liquid are suspended within a polymeric film sphere. The main purpose of the technique is not just to maintain the purity of formulation but also to ensure a motion-activated delivery of the sleep fragrance throughout the night; every time a restless sleeper moves the fragrance is released with the same levels of potency, aiding a longer and more restful night’s sleep.

In keeping with This Works’ natural ethos the encapsulation sphere is comprised of a combination of natural gums, including Acacia Senegal Gum and Xanthan Gum. While the fragrance of sleep plus remains the same effective combination of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile, the concentration is trebled to ensure a fast-acting, deeply efficacious solution. Want to try?