Miss Perfect

Miss Perfect

Wouldn’t you just love to look great every day – even when your skin isn’t as perfect and flawless as you’d like? Well, with a little bit of cheating, that wish can come true. Provided you get it right, of course…

Just as with architecture, getting the foundation right is vital. Use too little or too much on your face, and you’ll end up with a dull and unnatural look. Fortunately, most foundations nowadays are much lighter than before, thanks to the use of a lightweight silicone. They glide easily and spread evenly over your skin, leaving you with a flawless, fresh and natural look, even with light or medium coverage. But it’s not just about using the right product; getting the application right is just as important! So, here are five easy steps to getting the perfect look each and every day:

1. Prepare
To ensure your foundation will spread easily and evenly, keep your skin well hydrated (opt for something like Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping or Neal's Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture), and scrub your skin regularly (two to three times a week). Perfect for all skin types, the Jojoba Face Scrub from (Malin+Goetz) blends calming coriander with hydrating amino acids to gently and effectively purify and ph balance your skin.

2. Apply
Dab six small drops of liquid foundation to your face: two drops on your forehead, two on the cheeks (each side of your nose), one on the tip of your nose and one on your chin. Try Shmink Pro Shear Illuminating Foundation for a clean, sheer coverage that evens out your complexion, makes your skin look radiant and doesn’t leave you with that dreaded ‘caked-up make-up’ appearance. Using your fingers, spread the liquid foundation to the outer edges of your face. This way, the transition between your natural skin colour and the foundation itself diminishes as you near your hairline and jaw line, and you don’t end up with harsh and unnatural lines.

3. Distribute
To avoid creases or accentuated lines caused by excess foundation, gently dab a clean, damp make-up sponge around your nose, any wrinkles you may have (we like to call them laughter lines), and anywhere else you can see too much base make-up.

4. Conceal
Using a fine-tip brush, dab a touch of creamy concealer to any blemishes and flaws that are still visible. Don’t ever be tempted to do this first – you’ll just rub it off whilst applying the foundation. We recommend the Shmink Concealer – it’s light, easy to distribute, and doesn’t block pores or dry out the delicate skin under the eyes. For those stubborn dark circles under your eyes, make them two shades lighter by gently tapping some concealer there with your fingertips.

5. Set
Dip a large powder brush into some translucent powder (for example, the Hollywood Hi-Lite Highlighting Compact from Shmink, a powder with a silky texture that glides over your skin). Tap off any excess powder and apply it only to the areas where you are most likely to shine, which, in most cases, is the T-zone.

There you go. With a good base like this, you’re well on your way to a naturally healthy-looking appearance. And no one will know the difference!