A world filled with memories through new Korres fragrances

A world filled with memories through new Korres fragrances

The development of the new fragrance line of Korres is a milestone in their Greek skincare history! Natural, non-synthetic scents, inspired by nature and developed with leading perfume houses. Just as straightforward as Korres, they named each perfume simply for its dominant notes. The three lovely Korres perfumes are exclusively available in the Netherlands at COSMANIA.

Precious notes
Spices, fruits, wood and flowers. Nature’s gifts but also precious trade – or even currency – of a bygone age, the value of which has often been similar to gold. Amber, white tea, cardamom, jasmine, saffron, pepper, passion fruit. Aromatic blends balancing between luxury and simplicity, classic and contemporary.

A simple, ‘strict’ bottle at first glance…a closer look reveals more; Tiny yet significant details like its ‘broken’ corners. It is specially designed for Korres. The use of white symbolizes old pharmacies and labs, spaces that establish the Korres heritage. The selected colors signify pharmacy bottles; their luxury is ‘smashed’ by the use of the pure white soft-touch lid, a truly unconventional choice for a perfume top, but in tune with the brands trademark concept of contrasts. The packaging of the Eau de Toilette is simple and made of environmentally friendly cardboard. The artwork featured on the fragrance boxes comes from George Korres’  - the founder - extensive vintage-homeopathy-books collection. The eco-chic boxes open up like books to reveal the history of each scent inside. The result is elegant, individual, strict, and simply forming a design statement.

The scents
You can smell the lovely natural ingredients in their purest form. COSMANIA has got two beautiful fragrances for women and a powerful fragrance for men available. If you like fresh scents the White Tea/Bergamot/Freesia Eau de Toilette will be the perfect match. The lovely summer scent has got nice fresh scents and also feminine flower accents. The flowery scent comes from the freesia that makes it a sensual and soft perfume. The fresh scents come from tangerine and bergamot.

Are you more into warm and spicy scents then the Paeonia/Vanilla/Amber/Pear Eau de Toilette is a better-fitted perfume. It’s a romantic, feminine scent with warm accents of vanilla and amber. The peony blossom spreads a light flowery scent that fits perfectly with the fresh accents of pear, apple and bergamot.

Also for men Korres made a nice earthy and rich scent, the Vetiver Root/Green tea/Cedarwood Eau de Toilette. The woody accent makes it a warm but manly fragrance. It also contains a small hint of vetiver and green tea what makes it fresh.

Feel like a Greek god or goddess with these lovely perfumes that are perfect for everyday wear!