Tyra's Detox Adventure

Tyra's Detox Adventure

What happens when Tyra Banks, celebrated model, presenter and talk-show host, tests and extols a new beauty product on her American talk show programme? You get a beauty product that becomes an instant hit, of course!

“What’s the product?” we hear you ask. It's the 'Detox Eye Roller’ from First Aid Beauty. This wonder product features a unique metal roller ball that massages away fluids which can cause puffiness, while the vasoconstrictor properties of caffeine stimulate blood circulation to eliminate crow’s feet and dark circles under the eyes.

Beauty experts and gurus alike wax lyrical about it. Award-winning beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis (The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Red magazine) also tested the Detox Eye Roller, and says: "The formulation contains caffeine, which has the effect of stimulating blood circulation. What this will do is speed up the flow of blood in the micro-capillaries around the eye, which may make the skin in this area look a bit fresher and brighter. Roller-ball products feel lovely and soothing.”

As well as caffeine, the Detox Eye Roller’s other key ingredients include witch hazel that protects and soothes the delicate skin under the eye, and green peppermint that leaves a light tingling sensation. Loyal fans of First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller include celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, and it’s flying off the shelves in the US and UK. It’s so popular in fact, that just two hours after Tyra Banks featured it on her show, the product completely sold out; there’s even a 4,000-piece waiting list for it in the UK. And the same goes for COSMANIA! But we’re doing our very best to get this brilliant product to everyone on our waiting list as quickly as possible.

COSMANIA is the exclusive supplier of First Aid Beauty’s Detox Eye Roller in the Netherlands. So don’t drag your feet, and get yourself a Detox Eye Roller here.