And the winner is ...

And the winner is ...

Us! In late 2010, we, Marije Hoff and Marcel Dekker, entered our business plan for COSMANIA to the Marie Claire Starters Award – and won! Having chosen us from three finalists, the jury and public are responsible for literally unleashing 'cosmania’!

The Award
The Marie Claire Starters Award is a prize for the most innovative, creative and promising business plan. In the past six years, it has grown to become a prestigious award that encourages budding entrepreneurs to step into the world of free enterprise. Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief May-Britt Mobach says: "Many men and women dream of starting up their own company, but suffer from cold feet. Of course, it’s natural to feel trepidation at the thought of exchanging a secure job for an independent adventure. The Marie Claire Starters Award offers entrepreneurs with a brilliant business idea a financial safety net during that uncertain and costly initial period. We also bring their golden idea into the limelight, so that our readers know to look out for them in the future."

The Jury
The jury for the Marie Claire Award Starters consisted of May-Britt Mobach, Marie Claire publisher Sanne Visser, SuperTrash founder and owner Olcay Gülsen, and Martin Hegeman, division director of Mercedes Benz and Smart. They judged the business plans on several criteria, including: Is the plan innovative and creative? Is it feasible? Is there money to be made? Is it daring?

When asked to comment about COSMANIA, the panel said: “This is a really great business case. They name good brands, online sales are hot, and the beauty business is still growing.” (Marie Claire); “I wanna have shares, in return for coaching.” (Olcay Gülsen); “Although they state in their profit & loss overview that they will not make money in the first three years, I'm convinced of this business plan. They’re catering to a trend that is still growing.” (Martin Hegeman).

Winning this award has stimulated our enthusiasm further, and now the time has come… we’ve finally begun!

Click here to see the Marie Claire Starters Award movie (picture by Hélène Wiesenhaan).