Brecourt perfumes, precious moments in special perfumes

By COSMANIA - 25 september 2018 - Fragrances

Brecourt Parfums is a relatively young (since 2010) French perfume house, but the founder, Emilie Bouge, is anything but a beginner in perfumes. Emilie has a history as a perfumer for other companies before Brecourt and also, her family has a past in the perfume industry.

Emilies grand parents runned a perfume business in the heart of Frances perfume producing, Grasse. Unfortunatly the company slipped out of the family, but with Brecourt Emilie writes a new chapter in her familys perfume story. Brecourt combines the knowledge of frecnh perfume tradition with modern spirit.

To explain Emilie's motivation for creating a new fragrance brand, Emilie wrote that Brecourt was set up "...with the goal to transmit to you my passion for perfumery: a passion for the rare, the exclusive, for quality, for an unending quest for new olfactive emotions."

The regular collection, or “Les Contextuelles,” is composed of 11 fragrances. You can pick and choose the scent that works for you in different circumstances (contexts). Then there is this more specific collection, Les Émphémères, for which Emilie breaks a lot of unspoken rules in the perfume world. She sources rare materials, breaks up the usual combinations, and in a way lets the fragrances choose the wearers.

Emilie Bouge: "From my first trials, each of my creations bears a part of an accomplishment in a job which I always dream of. Through my company, Brécourt, I wanted to freely explore all the modern contours of a polysensorial formulation. If the olfactive emotion is a subtle amalgam between the fragrance, a person and a context; I see the context as the most important emotional vector because it recalls to mind all the memories of the other senses: this had been my major inspirational source. I have therefore put into a bottle the places and the special moments to highlight the personality of those who might take pleasure in it. To feel a scent is to explore humanity from the inside." Discover all Brecourt Parfums here