Marley's Amsterdam

Did you know that 'normal' shampoos consist of 80% water? Quite unnecessary to let trucks drive with all that water, if we can get all this from the tap at home... according to Marley's Amsterdam! This Dutch brand offers pure and natural shampoo flakes where you apply water yourself. This way you can enjoy a good, liquid shampoo without unnecessary CO2 emissions.

About Marley's Amsterdam

Marley's Amsterdam offers pure and natural shampoo - in the form of flakes! Why? The 'normal' shampoos (as we know them) consist of 80% water and this Amsterdam brand thinks that is a shame. Because why run unnecessarily many trucks with all that water, if we all have water from the tap at home. With these shampoo flakes you don't buy a shampoo bottle with an unnecessary amount of water, but you only add this yourself at home. This gives you a fine liquid shampoo as you are used to, but without the unnecessary CO2 emissions.