SANA Amsterdam

SANA Amsterdam offers premium collagen that is delicious, easy and exceptionally effective. The all-natural powder and liquid formulas consist of essential vitamins and minerals that target aging symptoms for great results. This makes it no surprise that SANA Amsterdam won the first prize at the Dutch Beauty Awards in 2022.

About SANA Amsterdam

Naira (co-founder of SANA Amsterdam) noticed that her skin was getting older, nails weaker and hair thinner. Her body could also use a boost, so she decided to try the latest trend on the market: collagen supplements! She tested supplements from various brands, but was unfortunately always disappointed. The products often tasted bad, were difficult to use and were missing a lot of necessary ingredients that could provide an actual effect. That could be better, Naira thought. With the help of the best professionals and experts in the branche, she developed SANA Amsterdam.