Your opinion counts

At COSMANIA, our aim is to provide you with products that you appreciate. Therefore, we’re really interested in your experiences with the product(s) that you’ve bought from us. Share them with us, and other visitors, by providing a review and/or rating. Your input will help us, the manufacturer, and other (potential) consumers. Here are some tips on what to consider when reviewing:

- What do you like/appreciate about the product?
- What do you think of the texture?
- What do you think of the color(s)?
- What do you think of the fragrance?
- How was the application?
- What do you think of the results?
- How did your skin feel? Both immediately after application and after regular use?
- What feedback (if any) did you get?

Reviewing is simple. All you have to do is go to the product(s) you want to review (the search option can help you with that), log in, rate and share what’s on your mind in the review field.

We reserve the right to remove or shorten any reviews if and when necessary. Of course, we prefer not to do this, as your opinion is very valuable to us - even when you are less enthusiastic about a product. So to avoid these edits, we have a number of house rules that we ask you to follow:

- We are a positive brand and we love constructive feedback. So please leave comments - be they positive or negative - that give us something we can work with (if needs be!).
- Don’t use abusive, obscene or offensive language.
- Don’t include a telephone number, email address or links to other sites.
- Don’t write about issues concerning customer service (e.g. in relation to delivery, possible returns, etc.)

In addition to your reviews, we are also intrigued in hearing about any new brands you may have spotted during your travels that are not yet available here in the Netherlands. Let us know, and we’ll look into them. Once we have, we’ll get back to you to let you know our thoughts. Send your suggestions to, via a direct tweet at COSMANIA_NL or leave a message on the COSMANIA Facebook page.