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Baxter of California is a leading edge American skincare brand that offers premier products specially formulated to meet men’s specific skincare needs. Perfect for all skin types, the formulas merge modern science with traditional, pure and natural ingredients. Baxter of California’s hi-tech collection provides men with anti-aging, shaving, cleaning and basic skincare. From the guy-next-door to the Hollywood star, everyone in California is getting their hands on this range. And now, it’s the turn of the guys in the Netherlands!

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The world of men’s grooming products is currently booming. You can’t open a magazine or look at a blog without reading some hype about the latest ‘in’ product, or seeing stars advertising their favourite grooming products.

As the unsung father of the modern men’s skincare industry, Finley Baxter finds this all well and good. Having moved from New York to Los Angeles in the mid 1960s to follow his job in the media, Finley realised that the constant heat and sun of his new hometown were not doing his skin any favours. After searching high and low for a moisturiser that wasn’t pink or smelt of flowers, he gave up his quest and developed his own: Super Shape. In 1965, he launched Baxter of California, the first line of grooming products created just for men, from his headquarters in Beverly Hills.

The huge success of Super Shape inspired Baxter to create more products, and he extended his range with

Skin Toner for Men, Enriched Night Cream for Men, Under Eye Concentrate for Men, a vitamin enriched soap and a soothing shaving cream.

Baxter's products were a godsend, and by the 1970s, there wasn’t a Hollywood hotshot around who wasn’t using Baxter's soothing ointments. Baxter of California rapidly became known as the skincare brand for men, and its products have been sought after by everyone, from the guy-next-door to the leading men of Hollywood.

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By 2000, Baxter Finley was ready to call it a day, so he asked Jean-Pierre Mastey, a good friend of the family, to take over the reigns. JP and Baxter had grown up next door to each other, and JP had become an entrepreneur sourcing trends and fashion items for the Japanese market. This LA trendsetter was the key to Baxter of California’s future success.


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