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For the daily care of your skin from within you now choose the Beauty & Go beauty drinks! These nutricosmetics are enriched with the first Macro Antioxidants "good for your skin" drinks. Because they are rich in antioxidants, bioactive compounds and macromolecules they combine ease of use with proven effect.

You are going to hear more and more of nutricosmetics - nutrients with a positive effect on your skin. It is a fast growing market and for good reason! They make sure it's very easy  to be even more effective for yourself. The Beauty & Go drinks are not only good for your skin and a healthy digestive system, they only count 20 calories per 100 ml and contain no added colorings, sugars and preservatives. They are suitable for people with gluten allergy, diabetes, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

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Beauty & Go was developed through collaboration between a Spanish high-end skincare brand and AMC Innova, Europe's leader in research and development of functional drinks and manufacturer of bioactive beverages. After fifteen years of research has the Spanish National Research Council established that extracted from the peel of fruits Macro Antioxidants have healing and beneficial effects on the skin. They contribute to a beautiful and healthy skin, stimulate the skin to regenerate and protect against negative influences from within. Right now, the lovely makers are a great success in Spain and England and the drinks are used daily in addition to other personal care products.

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Beauty & Go is sold in a select number of high-end spas, drugstores, perfume boutiques, hotels and supermarkets. Beauty drinks are a perfect complement to regular beauty treatments and therefore there are different flavors, each with their own unique effects on the skin. Beauty & Go is available in four variants: Skin Revive: rejuvenates and strengthens. Detox: detoxifies and purifies. Radiance: moisturizes and revitalizes. And Vitality: stimulates, against fatigue. And now is Beauty & Go also available at COSMANIA!


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