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Eau d'Italie takes you on a exquisite and exclusive journey through the Italian countryside with their collection of fragrances. Each fragrance represents a different part of Italy and let you dream away on la vita e bella.

It all began in "Le Sirenuse", a five-star hotel with fantastic views over the bay of Positano on the beautiful Amalfi coast. In honor of the 50th anniversary of this idyllic spot, the founders of Eau d'Italie - Marina Sersale and her husband Sebastian Alvarez Murena - launched their first signature fragrance in 2004, how could it be otherwise, Le Sirenuse was baptized. As one of the four scions of the noble Sersale family is Marina co-owner of this award-winning family hotel, considered unanimously by connoisseurs as one of the best hotels in the world!

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In the years that followed, more and more new products and fragrances Eau d'Italie entered the market. By now, the collection consists of nine fragrances, all of which emphasize the essence of Italy. You can find the scent of Eau d'Italie only in the most exclusive shops all over the world. So we are very proud that you can discover Eau d'Italie now at COSMANIA!

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