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Jacks Beauty Line


Responsible and stunning beauty brushes with its own signature, which is the hallmark of the brush line thar the German Miriam Jacks started in 2009. From her own experience as a makeup artist she lost her brushes regularly in the chaos of big photo shoots and fashion shows. She decided to do something and developed her own brush line where color, quality and variety prevail.

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She found a company in Germany that can make the brushes exactly to her wishes with the best brush hair she can find. From this company she gets the wood from used paint brushes supplied in her small studio in Berlin. She and two colleagues started to paint them individually in beautiful colors and patterns. Jack uses the finest acrylic paint and paint a lot of different combinations. Her creativity knows no limits here.

Each brush is unique and exudes 'craftmenship'. The original shape of the paintbrush is retained.


After painting, the handles are lacquered and delivered to the company. Here, the brush hairs are inserted and fitted with a gold rush that prevents hair from falling out and make sure the brushes last. All this is done with the well known German thoroughness. The quality of the brushes and Jacks unique style are particularly dear to her heart.

Miriam attaches great importance to the usability and durability of the brushes. She believes that no animals should die for using the hair! Technological developments make it possible that there are a lot of brushes in the line, made of synthetic material. This hair is as soft as real hair and 100% vegan. In addition, they are much easier to clean and therefore a longer shelf life.

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We are proud that COSMANIA now has the exclusive and friendly makeup brushes from Jacks Beauty Line in our assortment. Our beauty heart beats faster and faster. We hope yours will too!



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