Two steps to heaven-ly skin. It’s as simple as that! This stylish apothecary brand believes that a cleanser and moisturizer are enough to create perfect pH balance for face, body and hair. Their beautifully designed packaging is just an added bonus…


Family-owned and operated, (Malin+Goetz) makes skincare easy. Having started with products for sensitive skin, they now have a complete line of face, body, and hair care treatments for both modern-day men and women wanting personal care products they can rely on. Incorporating gentle technologies for ultimate performance, (Malin+Goetz)‘s natural-based products are very mild, non-irritating and highly effective.

(Malin+Goetz) was launched in 2004 in Chelsea, Manhattan. Marrying their professional backgrounds with their personal needs, the founders, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, wanted to renew the traditional means of apothecaries and perfumeries by simplifying routine cosmetics for all skin types.


Malin started his cosmetics career at the renowned department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys before becoming an integral player at Kiehl's and Helmut Lang Parfums. Before starting (Malin+Goetz), Andrew worked as marketing director for Vitra, where he was responsible for scouting new architects and industrial designers.

Their flair for style, architecture and design is clearly reflected in their packaging and flagship stores. Besides his creative input in (Malin+Goetz), Andrew also organizes monthly dinners that are notorious for being the best parties in Manhattan.


(Malin+Goetz)’s product philosophy is simple: a two-step routine, using a cleanser and moisturizer, creates perfect pH balance for the face, body and hair.

In addition to the two-step plan products they have for all skin types, including the most sensitive of skins, (Malin+Goetz) also provide a range of treatments to help address specific needs.

(Malin+Goetz) products include beneficial botanical extracts that enhance performance and provide fresh natural scents that quickly evaporate - leaving room for personal fragrance choices. Each formula is a unique blend of trusted natural ingredients and gentle performance technologies. The result is formulas that are free from harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause skin sensitivities, irritations and allergies, such as paraben, artificial preservatives and artificial flavors and dyes. (Malin+Goetz) does not test its products on animals.

(Malin+Goetz) is currently available worldwide from selected outlets such as special perfumeries (including Colette in Paris), spas, beauty salons, exclusive gyms, hotels and now also at COSMANIA!



Their products

  • (Malin+Goetz) The Vices Votive Set


    The Vices Votive Set - 3x 67 gr.

    € 54.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Weekender Set


    Weekender Set - 29 ml + 29 ml + 30 ml + 29 ml + 28 gr + 10 ml

    € 50.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Advanced Renewal Cream


    Advanced Renewal Cream - 50 ml

    € 125.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Skincare Essential Set


    Skincare Essential Set - 236 ml x 118 ml x 10 ml

    € 105.00 € 90.00

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