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Eccentric French design duo brings you a world of scent. Paris, 1985: Eccentric designers Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux come together to create Miller et Bertaux, a label that focuses primarily on extraordinary clothing, accessories, and jewellery. Fast forward a few years, and this design duo receive international acclaim with the launch of their own, sophisticated fragrance collection.

Miller et Bertaux Parfums overview

Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux draw inspiration from their travels and experiencing other cultures. Which is why their boutique on Rue Ferdinand Duval in Paris is an Aladdin’s Cave of quality clothing, accessories and works of art that often originate from encounters with artists and artisans during one of their trips. As Francis Miller puts it: "We started working together because we both have a strong wanderlust; neither of us can bear the thought of being rooted in this world. We don’t therefore just focus on fashion; our concept is basically to provide a luxury lifestyle platform that reflects our love for travel, cultures and eccentric objets d’art.

Miller et Betraux would rather use scents than words to capture, and remember, their special moments on the road. The strong smell of incense in a Mexican church, the sweet fragrance of roses from India, the aroma of spices drifting through the early morning air at an Indian market, or the fresh scent of oranges from California. And just as they love to combine fabrics in their designs, the duo echo this mix and match philosophy with endless blends of scents to create the best combinations possible.


The launch of their fragrance collection consisted of three classic Eau de Parfums: #1 (For You) Parfum Trouvé; #2 Spiritus/Land; and #3 Green, Green, Green and... Green. Not only have they launched these particularly fine fragrances, they have also introduced a revolutionary new way of wearing perfumes. As each scent boasts base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, the three fragrances can be combined and worn together, with heavenly results and enabling you to go forth and create a different fragrance to match your every mood.

And the magic doesn't stop there, as the packaging also highlights Miller et Bertaux’s stylish approach to design. The classic apothecary's bottle is revived in a super-chic, minimalist way. Glass beads are added into the bottles to inject a subtle hint of colour, with different hues representing different scents. Reflecting an air of spirituality, the pure and elegant boxes stand on four cardboard feet to mirror an altarpiece that tempts us to covet and worship the products even more. A single twig is attached to each box with a Japanese ribbon, and is a symbol of the woody base notes of the fragrance inside. In the Om Eau de Parfum, a deep red ribbon is used to echo the robes of Tibetan monks.

All in all, the Miller et Bertaux fragrance collection now consists of eight exceptional, worldly scents, all of which are available in the Netherlands at COSMANIA. Smell them for yourself, and be whisked away on an amazing olfactory journey led by Miller et Bertaux!

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