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"Luxury knows no age. Therefore, the British Richard James built a strong reputation from 1992 with new interpretations of classics in menswear. And successfully witnessed the fanbase of international celebrities like Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, David Backham, Jude Law, Peter Doherty, Tom Cruise, Robbie Williams, Guy Ritchie, Hugh Grant, Liam Gallagher and Matthew McConaughey. Since 2003 he has his vision of men's fashion is also translated into a distinctive men's fragrance: Savile Row. Like the apparel features the odor by a timeless modern design with great attention to detail.

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The fragrance was created in cooperation with famous perfumer Yves Cassar concluded. Yves graduated with a degree in chemistry and biology from the University of Valrose in Nice.
He began his work in the perfume industry in Grasse and by his love and understanding for natural materials, he brought forth the rarest and most beautiful scents. He stood at the cradle of modern scents such as Tom Ford for Men, Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, Lacroix Noir, Polo Blue # 1 and much more!

Yves let the passion, commitment and attention to detail of Richard come back into the fragrance. Tailored as his suits. The smell is leathery and sensual with a touch of floral. The 'Soft suede note' is soft and fits perfectly with the masculinity of vetiver and smoky attraction of Darjeeling. It is the first time that the ingredient Tuberose is used in such large quantities in a men's fragrance.

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This makes Richard James - Savile Row into a beautiful, unique scent that you will love from the first moment. Curious? Quickly discover him at COSMANIA!


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