"Less is more!" is according to Squalan not a trend, but the future of skincare. Therefore Squalan uses only one ingredient: squalane. Nothing more, nothing less. The products are based on a vegetable oil which is identical to a substance which we have in our skin by nature . This wonderful ingredient complements what your skin needs at the moment, making each skin a more beautiful and create a healthier appearance.

squalan - natural skincare - leslie & monique

Squalan Natural Skincare is a new Dutch cosmetics brand founded by two friends Leslie van der Meijden and Monique Hugen. They both faced with sensitive skin and were always looking for a solution to their skin problems. After years of research they discovered the "miracle" ingredient squalane, a pure vegetable oil obtained from sugar cane with amazing results on their skin.Squalane is identical to a substance which we by nature have in our skin.

This seems to be the perfect ingredient and they decided to develop a line of cosmetics based on this oil. Founder Monique: "As a girl with red hair, I always had sensitive skin. After fifteen minutes in the sun my skin was already burned. Besides that, I got dry patches very quick and I'm sensitive to wool. Later in my life I had problems especially in my face, which dermatologists gave me aggressive antibiotics and creams. Eventually I could no longer endure moisturizer. After years I finally found the ideal product that does not irritate my skin. I am still grateful every day!"

Squalane is an oily substance which occurs in animals, plants and humans and which we all have in our skin. It can be extracted from olives, wheat germ, sugar cane and shark liver. At birth, the percentage of our skin is high, but this decreases with age. Around our thirtieth we create so little of that the aging process begins.

People with different skin types react very well to the oil: dry skin is less dry, oily skin is less fat, eczema disappears and normal skin will have a radiant, youthful appearance. Squalane provides flexibility and suppleness of the skinm is very moisturizing and penetrates deep into the skin. The softens and smoothes the skin without leaving a greasy film. Moreover, it is soothing skin problems such as eczema and rosacea. The damaged skin is restored, the natural elasticity is maintained and age spots are reduced.

squalan - natural skincare

The raw material in Squalan Natural Skin Care products is approved of 100% Ecocert certified and comes from a sugar cane from Brazil. The 'raw beauty' Squalan products are 100% vegetable, contain no parabens, no alcohol, are cruelty free, vegan and sustainably produced. Squalan products bring any type of skin back into balance. Because the products are so pure, they are even suitable for small children and babies. At COSMANIA we are very proud that this new and pure Dutch brand is now available at COSMANIA!



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    Happy Healthy Skin Travel Set - 2 x 5 ml + 15 ml

    € 42.50
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    Pure - Facial Oil - 50 ml

    € 59.00
  • Squalan Moisturizer - Facial Oil


    Moisturizer - Facial Oil - 30 ml

    € 57.00
  • Squalan Eye - Eye Serum


    Eye - Eye Serum - 15 ml

    € 57.00

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