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Living Proof is a different cosmetics company. By an unique collaboration between hairdressers, hairstylists and biomedical scientists they develop hair products that really works, keep their promises and hit a brilliant bridge between beauty and science. The only one who can prove it? That's you! You are the Living Proof!

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Bob Langer is a world-renowned biotech inventor and has the most scientific awards to his name after Einstein. He met Jon Flint and Dr. Amir Nashat in 2004 and discovered that the beauty industry was using the same traditional technologies and ingredients such as silicones and oils for 30 years. They thought it was time for a radical break-through! That's why they developed products that women offer "proof in a bottle" rather than "hope in a bottle".

They used technologies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge (US) and developed new patented molecules that can change her behavior completely.

When the scientists were working together with beauty experts such as celebrity hairdresser and stylist Mitch Ward Stegerhoek Derosa was no stopping. In 2008, Jennifer Aniston co-owner and spokesperson Living proof: "When I switched to Living Proof, there was a dramatic difference. All I can say is that I was literally the Living Proof "!

Living Proof-Jennifer Aniston-haircare

Molecules are the star ingredient at Living Proof. The products announce a new era in hair care and offer a solution to the most common hair problems.
Prevents frizz: The patented 'Healthy Hair Molecule' OFPMA repels moisture, dirt and oil 70% more efficient from the hair. This prevents frizz and keeps your hair clean for longer! OFPMA is in 30 years the biggest breakthrough in anti-frizz technology.
Volume & texture: Another by Living Proof patented molecule is PBAE which gives volume and texture. It places a microscopic pattern of volumizing dots on the hair fiber, making it feel full and thick and it also acts like full and thick hair. PBAE provides long lasting volume with flexibility and gives texture to even the most fine and limp hair.

With already 90 awards in the pocket and a breakthrough in America, Living Proof is ready to unleash a revolution in the Netherlands and is now available at COSMANIA!



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