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This Works! With a name like this, you certainly have to be sure of yourself! And this British brand is. It lives up to its name, and it does so with a passion. How? By combining the fast-moving world of social media, globalisation and trends with the world of fair trade products. Their premise: to develop and deliver progressive natural goodies that fully meet today’s 'beauty needs’. What’s more, they do it in an environmentally responsible way.

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This works about the brand

This Works’ products are based on three values: Modern, Natural and Beauty. They focus on ‘modern’high-performance products and use simple, minimal styling as the product always comes first. The team works with leading designers and the creative directors of ELLE UK to createproducts that provide targeted and effective solutions for specific beauty needs. This, together with the products’ contemporary style, makes the brand current, accessible, and wonderfully opinionated.

This Works strives for 'natural' perfection. Each product is (re) formulated and (re) tested until it’s worthy of the title 'This Works'. They only use the finest, highly concentrated, and naturally active ingredients that have been sourced from British farms. Their formulas also only include 100% natural fragrances that are hard to resist. As for 'beauty', This Works believes that beauty requires balance. Their products are just as good for the environment as they are for your skin and wellbeing – without compromise. All their packaging is recyclable, and they don’t use any unnecessary chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes, or other synthetic ingredients.

This Works was founded in 2003 by Kathy Phillips, a woman with an impressive resume: former Health & Beauty Director at Vogue; yoga teacher; author (The Vogue Book of Blondes and Vogue Beauty); and currently International Beauty Director at Condé Nast Asia. A career woman after our own hearts, and one who also found the time to set up such a great brand! Inspired by her global knowledge of the health and beauty industry, Kathy wanted to create an effective skincare line that would draw upon nature’s laboratory to deliver iconic solutions for modern beauty needs.

With more than 30 products already having received prestigious awards, This Works’ crowded trophy cabinet is testament to the fact that Kathy’s skincare and body products deliver on their promise. These include awards from Harper's Bazaar (Beauty Hot 100: Turbo Balm, Perfect Heels Rescue Balm); ELLE (Beauty Awards: Perfect Heels Rescue Balm); Cosmopolitan (Perfect Hands Intense Moisture); Marie Claire (Prix d'Excellence: No. Wrinkle Active serum); and InStyle (Best Buy Beauty: Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil).

This Works - modern natural beauty @ COSMANIA

And you can also benefit from these winners, as This Works is now available exclusively in the Netherlands via COSMANIA’s webshop and at the COSMANIA Lab.





Their products

  • This Works Dream Team

    This Works

    Dream Team - 5 ml + 5 ml

    € 13.00 € 6.50
  • This Works Sleep Power

    This Works

    Sleep Power - 4 x 5 ml

    € 19.00 € 9.50
  • This Works Sleep Together

    This Works

    Sleep Together - 75 ml x 8 ml

    € 35.00 € 17.50
  • This Works Sleep Tight

    This Works

    Sleep Tight - 3x 5ml

    € 17.00 € 8.50

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