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Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning - Eau de Parfum
  • A Quiet Morning is an exotic fragrance by Miller et Bertaux. It is dedicated to India, as an Oriental mix of spices, like saffron and curcuma, and wood, from India and Tibet.

    Topnotes of tumeric, saffron and curcuma. Heartnotes of orange blossom, palm flowers and rice (basmati). Basenotes of cedarwood (tibet) and sandalwood (indian).

  • Spray the Miller et Bertaux perfume on your wrist, in your neck, behind your ears or in your inner elbows. These spots are the warmest places of your body so the perfume will react with your body heat and keeps emanate the perfume.

    You can also spray some perfume in your hair so you can smell the sent as you move. Do keep a distance while spraying the perfume in your hair because the perfume contains alcohol and can dry out the ends.

  • alcohol denat, parfum (fragrance), cinnamal, eugeol, farnesol, limonene.

Miller et Bertaux

A Quiet Morning - Eau de Parfum
- 100 ml

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€ 95.00

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An fantastic scent. Perfectly balanced and yet intriguing in it's combination. A journey to places far away packed in a small bottle. Love it!

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I'm in love with this fragrance! I feel very special when I use this luxurious perfume!