Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow - 17
  • The new Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow by Inglot is water-based cream eye shadows. It will ensure a long lasting effect with a subtle or stronger shine depending on the application. Even a minimal amount provides strong coverage. Crease and smudge proof.

    The Aquastic is available in 10 shades, ranging from silvers and golds to rose, blue and green. Even though long lasting, thanks to its water-based formulation, the product is easy to remove, even with plain water.

  • Apply with the applicator a small amount of the Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow on to the eyelid and use brush 80HP/S to blend.

    Prefer an eyeliner? Use brush 31T to create a line. Bring your look together by a applying a small amount as highlighter for your inner corner.

    And as a finishing touch use the Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow as "topcoat" over your lipstick. Color the entire lip as eyecatcher or apply it in the middle for a beautiful ombré effect!


Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow - 17
- 4,8 gram

€ 20.00

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