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    Goldfield & Banks

    Desert Rosewood - 100 ml

    € 149.00
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    Pacific Rock Moss - 100 ml

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Goldfield & Banks Blue Cypress
  • New and exclusive at COSMANIA:Blue Cypress from Goldfield & Banks! A sophisticated fragrance of rich woods and exotic spices that is at once invigorating and grounding. The cobalt coloured Australian Blue Cypress provides a fragrant woody base, lifted by a fusion of lively lavender and exotic patchouli, clove and star anise.

    A fragrance for men and women, inspired by the scent of dew evaporating from soft new leaves as the morning sun casts its rays across a rainbow of towering gums and eucalyptus. Zesty, woody, green and crisp!

  • Spray the Goldfield & Banks perfume on your wrist, in your neck, behind your ears or in your inner elbows. These spots are the warmest places of your body so the perfume will react with your body heat and keeps emanate the perfume.

    You can also spray some perfume in your hair so you can smell the sent as you move. Do keep a distance while spraying the perfume in your hair because the perfume contains alcohol and can dry out the ends.

  • Blue Cypress from Australia
    Bulgarian lavender
    Patchouli from Indonesia
    Clove from Indonesia
    Indian Star Anise

Goldfield & Banks

Blue Cypress
- 100 ml

€ 135.00

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