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Cowshed Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser
  • A manly moisturizer from Cowshed to keep skin soft and supple. Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser for men with hemp seed oil promotes optimum hydration to the skin. The soothing properties of hemp seed oil maintain the skin’s moisture levels without greasy effect.

    Men like their products to be effective and deliver with no unnecessary fuss. They are keen on a bracing body wash, won't refuse the odd invigorating facial scrub and like products that hydrate well while sinking in fast. The Cowshed Bullocks range contains hemp seed oil because it ticks all the boxes.

  • After washing the face, massage a small amount into the skin with upward movements. Use daily.

    We think you may also like the other Bullocks products, like the Bullocks Refining Facial Scrub (before shaving), the Smooth Shaving Cream or the Bracing Body Wash.

    • Hemp seed oil: packed with omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, which have strong soothing and healing properties and help maintain the skin's moisture levels without greasiness. When products containing this oil are applied regularly, the skin has shown an improvement of dryness, eczema, irritation and disease.
    • Cedar wood essential oil: excellent for dry or oily skins and scalps, has a natural balancing effect on the sebaceous glands.
    • Aloe vera extract: naturally soothes and cools skin and helps healing, has excellent moisturizing properties. Aloe also has a calming effect on inflamed skin (such as sunburn).
    • Grapefruit essential oil: naturally uplifting and stimulating; obtained from the peel of the fruit. Has a delightful tangy aroma that is invigorating and highly refreshing.
    • Coriander essential oil: distilled from the seeds; has a spicy, sweet aroma. Relieves muscular aches and pains, increases circulation, aids sleep and helps with nervous exhaustion.
    • Essentiële olie van sandelhout: ontspannend, sensueel en kalmerend met een houtachtige geur. De perfecte hydraterende olie die vaak wordt gebruikt in huidverzorging voor alle huidtypen, maar vooral voor het voeden van een droge huid. Bekend om zijn balancerend effect op het zenuwstelsel, geeft afstand van spanning en onrust.
    • Palmarosa essential oil: natural cooling and toning; renowned for its healing and regenerative properties.
    • No artificial color and fragrance, no paraben, no sulfates, no petrochemicals. Not tested on animals.


Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser
- 100 ml

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€ 22.00

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Favoriet van mijn man. Alvast gekocht voor Sinterklaas;-)