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Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish
  • The Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish protection and repair facial serum, is just radiance in a bottle.  This anti-ageing ‘power house’ of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants is an essential addition to any skincare regime.

    The Cell Nourish belongs to the 'Radiance & Vitality range' and transforms dull, lack-luster skin and promotes radiance. It reduces pigmentation and balances the complexion. Cell Nourish softens and improves the skin’s texture.

    Boosts, protects and repairs undernourished, dull skin. Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish helps protect against the effects of air travel, central heating, pollution, cold winter winds and excessive summer sun. Are you concerned about ageing? Cell Nourish contains an intensive dose of antioxidants and reparative nutrients that stimulates collagen and elastin production to help restore vitality and radiance, while helping reduce the prevalence of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Shake before use. For radiant skin apply every evening after cleansing and in the morning before your facial hydrator.  This ultra-light texture will not congest the skin, but will allow your skin to breathe while rapidly infusing the skin with essential nutrients and harmonizing irritable lack-luster skin.

    For maximum benefit use the Cell Nourish in conjunction with the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow, the radiance peel.

    Cell Nourish is also great to use while flying for the frequent flyers.

    • Vitamin A, C and E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Green Tea protect against free radical damage and fight against wrinkles and loose skin to tone, nourish and repair.
    • Pomegranate with its excellent moisturizing properties is great for mature and dry, cracked or sunburnt skin. It will also help to even the skin tone.
    • Kombuchka - which have illustrated a remarkable improvement in the skins texture, while visibly reducing pigmentation.
    • Olive Squalane a botanical lipid that is very similar in structure to human lipids is rapidly absorbed and supports the integrity of the barrier layer of the skin.
    • Soya Lecithin is found in nearly every living cell. High in B Vitamins and anti-oxidants it has advanced moisturizing, softening and film forming properties making it perfect for dry and dehydrated skin.
    • Aloe Vera and Rose Damask Water - to soothe, calm and restore balance.
    • The product is free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and color, sulfates and paraben preservatives, and it’s not tested on animals.
  • The products of Elemental Herbology receive regularly editorial attention in top beauty, fashion and lifestyle publications. Read and click to find out what they say about the Elemental Herbology Cell Food.

    VIVA - NL: "A bit of serum and a super smooth skin! Recipe for an instant skin boost: Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish" This power booster transforms a dull, dull skin and promotes a radiant skin. Click here to view the entire page in the VIVA.

    The Digitalistas - EN/NL: "Save your Skin! Read here their review.

    Who – AU: “BEST BUY! Elemental Herbology combines the best of science and nature, the range is a big hit, with the likes of Helena Christensen and Sadie Frost snapping up the products. The must-try product? Cell Nourish.” Click here to see the full page.

    ELLE – US: “My complexion loves Elemental Herbology Cell Nourish, which is vitamin-packed and calming”. Click here to see the full page.

    Marie Claire – AU: “These beauty buys are coming home.. Elemental Herbology. The skincare line was quickly snapped up by .. leading international spas. Top pick: Cell Nourish, protection and repair facial serum.” Click here to see the full page.

    Stella - UK: “Gabriella Cilmi, singer: “I love this serum as it’s packed full of nutrients and vitamins. I rely on it to keep my skin looking fresh, after all the travelling I have to do.” Click here to see the full page.

    Grazia – AU: “... for skincare that strikes a balance. Taking environmental stresses and seasonal changes into account is Elemental Herbology a beautiful, botanic-based range from the UK. We’re loving Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser and Cell Nourish protection and repair facial serum for our daily vitamin intake.” Click here to see the full page.

    Grazia – EN:” Skincare of the future. Elemental Herbology, Cell Nourish. Also Helena Christensen and Sadie Frost fed up their skins with the rich serum.  Makes beautiful and shiny. Click here to see the full page in the Grazia.

Elemental Herbology

Cell Nourish
- 30 ml

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€ 64.00

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Excellent product! (Albeit expensive, it's worth it)

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OK. I first bought the product in the store so I knew what I was buying! Smells fantastic and absorbs straight into my skin so I don't need to worry about adding moisture cream on top. This brand is fabulous. The only down side in my opinion is that when it's nearly finished, you can't use the "dropper" anymore, you have to tip the bottle up or use a "Q" tip to get what's left! It won't stop me buying it though, and by the way,the customer service was fantastic! Also loved the hand written note that came along with it and the recyclable packaging.

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Cell Food is such a great product! It nourishes my skin, repairs the dryness and adds radiance. I can highly recommend it.