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Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion
  • The Botanical Bathing Infusion helps to reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins that can manifest as cellulite, leaving you positively energized and revived, whilst softening and nourishing your skin.

    Working in synergy with your body and environment, this tonic purifies and invigorates a sluggish body and mind, it will help eliminate toxin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourage circulation. Elemental Herbology’s Botanical Bathing Infusion is therefore recommended for frequent flyers, or anybody with heavy legs, cellulite or poor circulation and fluid retention.

    The Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion helps reduce swelling in abdomen, hips, buttock, legs and ankles. It stimulates the breakdown of fatty deposits to help fight cellulite.

    When using it 2-3 times per week during autumn and winter it will help shift the winter blues as well. And, not unimportant, it’s a perfect anti-dote to a big night out.

  • The Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion is ideal for use in the bath (add 2-3 cups of oil to a full bath) so that your skin has the time to absorb the beneficial properties as well as being a more indulgent and detoxifying experience. However, many of us often prefer showers and do not always have the time for such relaxing bath times so it can also be used in the shower as the oil will emulsify on contact with water so it can be massaged into the skin with wet hands for example. This can be used all over the body.

    No 'pause' time is required but it is best to massage into the skin to benefit from the aromatherapeutic effects that the essential oils present in this product are designed for, to invigorate and stimulate the body and mind. When massaging the oil into wet skin, circular and upward motions are best to use to increase the effects by stimulating circulation and lymph drainage to help rid the body of toxins that often make us feel sluggish and fatigued.

    Due to the stimulating effects of the essential oils in this product we do say that it is not suitable for use during pregnancy, and for adult use only. And to avoid a slippery surface, please clean your bath after use.

    We recommend to use it in combination with the Elemental Herbology Deep Cleanse Summer Body Wash and an exfoliating mitt.

    • Grapefruit for its powerful astringent, diuretic and thermo-genic action which helps stimulate circulation, fight fatigue, detoxify the blood, shift fluid retention and eliminate cellulite.
    • Juniper Berry - helps tone the skin and stimulate circulation, aqua-drainage and cell renewal.
    • Rosemary - helps stimulate circulation and invigorate body and mind. Great oil for helping alleviate depression and improve concentration and focus.
    • Geranium - for its wonderful ability to harmonize the body while stimulating circulation and encouraging aqua-drainage.
    • Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Peach Kernel combine to soften and nourish the skin.
    • SLS-Free cleansing agent derived from amino acids from apple juice, which is gentle for the skin and eyes and completely biodegradable.
    • The product is free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and color, sulfates and paraben preservatives, and it’s not tested on animals.
  • The products of Elemental Herbology receive regularly editorial attention in top beauty, fashion and lifestyle publications. Read and click to find out what it says about the Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion:

    Jan – NL: "A phenomenon on sweltering days is fluid retention. Because of the heat go blood vessels wider open, making it easier fluid can accumulate and can be removed as not as quickly. Do not use salt-rich food and coffee to prevent swollen ankles and feet, and drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Must try: the Botanical Detox Bath/Shower Oil of Elemental Herbology. It contains herbs with a fluid-drifting effect and stimulates the circulation and elimination of toxins-also beneficial against cellulite”. Click here to see the full page of the Dutch Magazine Jan.

    Glamour - NL: "Do you think it's could be just what you needed today after a good night out? As seen in Glamour: "A yummy bath and you feel physically and mentally awake! A few drops Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion in the bath reduces fluid retention, increases blood circulation and accelerates the removal of toxins. You feel not only clean at the outside but also from inside!" Click here to see the full page in the Dutch Glamour

    Grazia - NL: “Detox under the shower or in a bath with the Detox Botanical Bathing/Shower Infusion of Elemental Herbology. It helps against cellulite, a dull skin and with draining moisture. Your skin feels soft and oe, that scent!” Click here to see the full page in Grazia (Dutch Version).

    Metro - NL: "Do the detox! Detox shower: detoxing does not cost additional time. The hip brand Elemental Herbology, available at the web shop Cosmania, has a fine oil in the range that you can use both under the shower and in a bath. This Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion helps reducing fluid retention and stimulates the circulation and movement of toxins. If we believe the fans of this oil, swelling in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs and ankles will be reduced a lot by regular use." Click here for the article (where the Detox Eye Roller from First Aid Beauty capable is mentioned (the eye roller where Tyra Banks cannot live without), the article is in Dutch though.

    Yoga magazine – NL:  “The idea that your body can be detoxify under the shower, contributes to your sense of well being. This delicious fragrant bath oil contains rosemary and grapefruit. And eat for your inner detox afterwards a nice real grapefruit.” Click here to see the full page in the Dutch Yoga magazine.

    Villa d'Arte - NL: "Detox detox with a twist .. in the shower: Give yourself a fresh start with the Botanical Detox Bath/ Shower Infusion from Elemental Herbology. It helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourages circulation and movement of toxin and is ideally against preventing cellulite. The oil purifies and invigorates the skin while it softens and nourishes. The swelling in the abdomen, buttocks, legs and ankles reduce". Click here to see the whole page in Villa d'Arte (it's in Dutch).

    Flair - NL: "A mental detox is easier in a nice warm bath. Use a little Detox Botanical Infusion in your bath water and relax. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated so waste products are better disposed of and do not manifest as cellulite." Click here to view the entire page in Flair.

Elemental Herbology

Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion
- 150 ml

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€ 28.00

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I have found this product helps in the detox process when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. I notice the puffiness is reduced the following day, and if I use it in a hot bath, it helps to sweat out toxins and other impurities from my skin, which feels softer. I find the fragrance a little strong but I don't mind knowing it is helping my skin and body to detox itself.

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Heerlijk spul voor in bad. Het ruikt echt zalig, alsof je in een wellness centrum/spa zit. Na het badderen voelt je huid fluweelzacht aan en heb je echt het gevoel iets goeds voor jezelf te hebben gedaan!