• (Malin+Goetz) Detox Face Mask


    Detox Face Mask - 118 ml

    € 48.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Vitamin E Face Moisturizer


    Vitamin E Face Moisturizer - 118 ml

    € 53.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Grapefruit Face Cleanser


    Grapefruit Face Cleanser - 236 ml

    € 37.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Eucaluptus deodorant


    Eucaluptus deodorant - 75 ml

    € 24.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Vitamin E Shaving Cream - tube


    Vitamin E Shaving Cream - tube - 118 ml

    € 24.00
  • (Malin+Goetz) Replenishing Face Serum


    Replenishing Face Serum - 30 ml

    € 77.00
(Malin+Goetz) Jojoba Face Scrub
  • The (Malin+Goetz) Jojoba Face Scrub is a cleansing and hydrating scrub for all skin types that blends calming cilantro with amino acids, hydrating exfoliation to gently and effectively purify and PH balance the skin.

    The creamy scrub is blending natural jojoba meal and technologically advanced polyethylene beads to physically help shed dead skin, stimulate cell renewal, and soothe without irritation, drying or stripping. Besides it helps remove blackhead. Rinses free of residue for smooth, even skin. The scrub contains only natural fragrance and color. The Jojoba Face Scrub is quick and easily integrated treatment into your daily maintenance and prevention beauty regimen!



  • Recommended 2-3 times a week; may be used in place of normal facial cleansing. Gently massage a small amount of cleansing scrub over face, avoiding eyes. Rinse clean.

    Use in conjunction with the (Malin+Goetz) daily Grapefruit Face Cleanser and follow with the Vitamin E face moisturizer and/or the Replenishing Face Serum.  You can alternate one to two times per week with the Detox Face Mask.

    • Plant-based Amino Acid Proteins hydrate and soothe.
    • Seaweed Extract, infused Cilantro (Coriander), Apricot Oil Extract and modified Lanolin smooth and soothe skin while refreshing.
    • Technologically advanced polyethylene beads physically yet gently roll over the surface of the skin to help loosen dead surface cells.
    • Soothing gentle jojoba meal nourishes and helps exfoliate naturally while reducing irritation.
    • No artificial fragrance and color, no paraben. Not tested on animals.


Jojoba Face Scrub
- 118 ml

€ 42.00

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