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SteamCream Koi - Natural Moisturizer
  • If you're yet to hear of SteamCream, then prick up your ears, as this multi-tasking moisturizer is fast gaining a cult status in the beauty world.SteamCream is a deep acting vegan and freshly handmade moisturizer that's safe and effective on all skin types , even sensitive faces benefit from its calming ingredients and for all areas like face, body, and hands.

    Steam is the not-so-secret ingredient, infused into the formula to help its blend of natural ingredients work their skin-saving magic. The real reason to snap up this beauty gem is the lighter-than-light texture and staunch eco-credentials.

    This perfect all-in-one cream is recommended for everybody with limited time and still likes a good moisturizer to use. As well for the travel animals among us, because these wonderful on-the-go limited editions 75 gram tins are hand luggage friendly and for people with a dry skin perfect to keep in your hand bag for an extra rubbing session.


  • Apply the cream delicately on your skin. The cream itself is very light with a whipped cream texture. Applied on the skin, the texture of the cream is light and slightly liquid upon contact with the skin. It absorbs quickly and makes your skin feel soft. Using SteamCream on a regular base improves and softens your skin.

  • SteamCream uses traceable, natural and vegan ingredients, sourced from suppliers who do not commission tests on animals. SteamCream contains the following ingredients:

    • organic jojoba oil softens your skin
    • lavender oil, which can help heal and reduce inflamed and sore skin
    • almond oil contains high levels of vitamin E, which condition the skin and helps to keep it plump.
    • cocoa butter is an essential oil that softens the skins surface
    • oatmeal infusion is a proven anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin
    • orange flower water helps to improve the elasticity of the skin

    SteamCream is topped off with a fragrance created from a natural blend of pure essential oils selected for their toning, soothing and healing qualities.

  • Beauty Award winner 2010:SteamCream is a winner of the prestigious CEW (UK) Beauty Award – Best New Everyday Skincare Product.

    The products of SteamCream receive regularly editorial attention in top beauty, fashion and lifestyle publications. Read and click to find out what they say:

    LINDA.meiden - NL: "Take your choice! Tins that make us happy. Purify & Soothe Moisturizer from SteamCream is a full cream that makes your skin is soft and radiant." Click here to see the whole page in the LINDA.meiden (it's in Dutch).

    Glamour - NL "Beautiful and affordable international cosmetics brands that are not available in the Netherlands yet are found on I'm addicted to the shop. This cheerful design on-the-go tins of SteamCream with a moisturizer for your face, body and hands are so cute, aren't they? And perfect for the plane! Click here to see the entire piece in Glamour.

    VOGUE - NL: "SteamCream is a hydrating multiple purpose cream that is made under high steam pressure. The cream has 100% natural ingredients and is approved by the Vegan Society (" Click here to see the full page in the VOGUE (Dutch version)

    Red - NL: "Chef Mode Astrid would like to take the SteamCream with her on her roundtrip through Thailand" Click here to see the full page in Red.

    Cosmopolitan: "Musthaves: these limited-edition tins alone make us greedy, but the content is divine as well. SteamCream is made ​​under hot pressure, helps prevent chapped lips and rough spots and smells gorgeous". Click here to see the full piece in the Dutch Cosmopolitan.

    Grazia – NL: “I have to admit, when I saw the beautiful tin box I was already convinced, but this delicious cream also hydrates very well your face, lips, hands en even your elbows. Now available at the great new beauty webshop” Click here to see the full page (sorry it’s in Dutch).

    Metro - NL: “Kate will probably carry tomorrow (COSMANIA: the day of the wedding with prince William) a jar of the ‘on-the-go’ SteamCream with her. This funny  ‘on the go’ design tin contains a great hydrating cream, produced with steam". Click here for the full article (in Dutch).

    Buitenleven – NL: “Crème de la crème: indulge your skin and soften it with SteamCream, a nourishing and moisturizing cream for all skin types and adapted for the skin of your body, face and hands.” Click here to see the full page.

    Margriet – NL: “On st(r)eam: You can use this gentle  and light cream for your body, face and hands. SteamCream got its name from its production process with steam. By using hot steam the cream feels soft and gives the skin a nice glow." Click here to see the full page in Margriet (Dutch Magazine).

    Santé - NL: “Warmth and moisture: this powerful combination does wonders for your mind and body. The SteamCream is a beauty product with cult status. The name comes from the process of mixing the ingredients with hot steam power. The result is a rich emulsion that lubricates lovely on the skin. The cream is soft and luxurious en gifs the skin a healthy glow. Even for the cute cans you would want to buy it." Click here to see the full page in Santé (Dutch Magazine).


Koi - Natural Moisturizer
- 75 gram

€ 16.50

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