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Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder
  • Heal and conceal acne breakouts, with this specially formulated, sulfur-based powder from Mario Badescu, the Special Healing Powder. Absorbs excess oil and reduces redness and irritation caused by breakouts. May be applied to skin to help control surface oil, disinfect and calm acne prone areas. Works wonders to quicly dry up open, infected pimples!

    For all skin types.

  • Dust the Special Healing Powder from Mario Badescu sparingly on irritated, excessively oily areas of the face a few times a week or as needed. Avoid eye area.

    Beauty tips:

    • Dust lightly on post waxed or shaved skin.
    • Apply with a cotton swab to infected or raw, erupted pimples to speed healing process.
    • Tap a little powder into your loose powder and dust over make-up to stay shine free all day.
    • Talc: used as an oil absorbing agent in cosmetic preparations, talc is a powder made from ground magnesium silicate, a mineral
    • Kaolin: also known as china clay, Kaolin is made from a mixture of various silicates (these are minerals) which provide good absorption abilities for water and oil making this a very beneficial and effective ingredient for pore cleansing masks and scrubs.
    • Calcium carbonate: an oil absorbing ingredient, also used as a pigment and for prolonging pigment.
    • Zinc oxide: obtained from the mineral zinc ore, Zinc oxide is an FDA approved sunscreen ingredient that provides UVA and UVB protection. Zinc oxide also has astringent, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

    Talc,Bismuth Subgallate, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide,Calcium Carbonate,Magnesium Carbonate,Zinc Stearate,Sulfur

Mario Badescu

Special Healing Powder
- 14 ml

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€ 15.00

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This is too drying and white-colored to use as a (makeup) powder daily, but it is great for those days you have bad acne or oily skin. I put it on the problem areas (on clean skin), for example before going to bed, and I wake up with much better skin. And a little goes a long way so it lasts forever!