• Squalan Pure - Facial Oil


    Pure - Facial Oil - 50 ml

    € 59.00
  • Squalan Moisturizer - Facial Oil


    Moisturizer - Facial Oil - 30 ml

    € 57.00
  • Squalan Eye - Eye Serum


    Eye - Eye Serum - 15 ml

    € 57.00
  • Squalan Cleanser - Cleansing Gel


    Cleanser - Cleansing Gel - 100 ml

    € 49.00
Squalan Travel - Pure Squalan Travel - Pure
  • Squalan Pure gives your skin back what it originally contained, restoring its natural state. The main ingredient of the serum is 100% plant based and is identical to a substance that occurs naturally in the skin but is depleted with age. Because the formula is identical to the skin's own materials, it is suitable for extremely sensitive skin. Squalan Pure reduces wrinkles and lines and makes the skin feel soft as silk. 

    The Squalan-products are 100% vegetable, contain no parabens and alcohol, are not tested on animals, vegan, and sustainably produced.


  • Ingredients: Squalane

    • Squalane: Squalane is an oil that is identical to a particular type of fat that occurs naturally in our skin but is depleted as we get older. Squalane is extracted from plants and other organisms. The majority of the squalane used in cosmetics is derived from either sharks or olives. The squalane found in the products of Squalan are 100% derived from Ecocert-approved sugar cane. Squalane gives your skin back what it originally contained, restoring its natural balance. Dry skin becomes less dry, oily skin less oily, and beautiful skin becomes even more attractive. It hydrates the skin, improves the skin’s ability to repair itself, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, restores elasticity and heightens the skin’s radiance. 
  • The products of Squalan receive regularly editorial attention in top beauty, fashion and lifestyle publications. Read and click to find out what they say about the Travel from Squalan:

    Grazia - NL: ''#govegan make-up. To make a beauty product spread, beeswax or lanolin -the fat of a sheepskin-  are used. They do wonders for your skin, but for a hardcore vegan such additions are a no go! So there are more and more brands that make products without animal byproducts. Squalane Natural Skincare for example, is a Dutch brand of two women who created different products based on pure (Squalane) oil.'' Click here to see the full page in the Dutch Grazia. - NL: ''Monique: 'I never go on trip without Squalane, I really go back home if it is not in my bag. They also have fantastic travelsizes you can easily place in your purse, in the car, on your bike or in the plane. These products does not sting. It is also wonderful for children. And of course, for all skin types and colors." Click here to see the full Dutch blogpost on


Travel - Pure
- 5 ml

€ 15.00

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