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    Rum Body Lotion - 250 ml

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(Malin+Goetz) Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer
  • The Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer is a nourishing and balancing daily moisture treatment for the body, designed to hydrate all skin types.  The intensive oil-free and residue-free body moisturizer scientifically synthesizes natural vitamin B5 and soothing bergamot extract with absorbent fatty acids for effective performance.

    It naturally hydrates and pH balances all skin types, especially sensitive, providing a continuous layer of 24 hour hydrating protection. Free of traditionally greasy, pore-clogging oils, waxes and silicone fillers, skin has no false sense of moisture. Easily integrated into daily maintenance as it eliminates wait-time for dressing. The body moisturizer contains only natural fragrance and color.



  • After cleansing, apply a small amount of concentrated, quickly absorbent moisturizer onto body. No wait time for activity or dressing needed! Reapply as often if necessary throughout the day. Especially effective for hands and feet before bed, without fear of staining sheets.

    Use in conjunction with the (Malin+Goetz) body washes and soaps, like the Geranium, Bergamot or the Eucalyptus shower gel.

    • Absorbent Fatty Acids nourish and maintain elasticity.
    • Sodium PCA and glycerin hydrate.
    • Natural Bergamot, Honey, Vitamin B5 (2%), and Shea Butter, soothe, smooth and moisturize.
    • No artificial fragrance and color, no paraben. Not tested on animals.


Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer
- 220 ml

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€ 44.00

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Deze body creme is echt heerlijk, maakt je huid ontzettend zacht zonder dat het vettig wordt.