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Mario Badescu Vitamin E Body Lotion
  • A new moisturizing body lotion of Mario Badescu, for all skin types! The repairing formula Vitamin E Body Lotion (Wheat Germ) is ideal for a dry, rough and flaky skin. The lotion contains the antioxidant Wheat Germ Oil and Peanut Oil to moisturize, and Honey Extract which locks in the skin’s moisture and provides it with a delicate and gentle fragrance.

  • Apply the Vitamin E Body Lotion liberally all over your body after taking a shower or a bath. The lotion is not meant for facial use.

    • Peanut Oil: extracted from the pressing of seed kernels, Peanut Oil is an organic oil beneficial to the skin due to its high antioxidant Vitamin A and E content. An excellent emollient for dry or mature skin.
    • Tocopherol: naturally occurring in Wheat Germ Oil, Tocopherol is Vitamin E, the most important, oil soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Creams and emulsions made with Vitamin E improve water binding capabilities and provide maintenance of the connective tissues for improved appearance of rough, dry or sagging skin.
    • Wheat Germ Oil: obtained from the extraction of wheat germ, Wheat Germ Oil is an emollient and antioxidant ingredient with free radical scavenging  properties due to its high Vitamin E content. The oil also contains lecithin and essential fatty acids that are essential for a healthy skin.
    • Honey Extract: composed of sugars, citric and lactic acids, Honey has softening and moisturizing characteristics because it forms a watertight film on the skin. Cosmetic usage of honey can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

    Deionized Water(Aqua),Peanut (Arachais Hypogaea) Oil, Tocopherol,Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) Oil,Stearic Acid,Cetyl Alcohol,Triethanolamine, Honey Extract,Propylene Glycol,Propylparaben,Sodium Benzoate,Imidazolidinyl Urea,Quatemium-15,Isopropyl Myristatea

Mario Badescu

Vitamin E Body Lotion
- 177 ml

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€ 13.00

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It smells very nice and mild. Feels great on the skin and it gets immediately hydrated and smooth.

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You can see and feel the results really fast and it never leaves your skin feeling greasy at all. Also, it smells natural and nice. Great product!