Mauli - Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist - 50 ml

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Meet Mauli: a celebration of love, nature, tradition and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring!

Get a good night sleep with the Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist. ‘Dharma’ is the law of the cosmos and the art of living well; of which rest is a vital component. We all know from experience that lack of sleep inhibits our ability to make the most of our precious days. Harnessing nature’s most soothing botanicals of bergamot, chamomile, lavender, vetiver, geranium, sweet almond, clary sage and marjoram; this is the art of sleep.

The Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist is 100% natural, vegan, free from parabens and synthetic fragrance.

How to use

Put up your ‘do not disturb sign’ and be gently lulled to sleep with a comforting cocoon of therapeutic essential oils, to help induce a deep, harmonious dream state. Simply spray the Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist over your pillow and sheets. On waking from your silent restorative night, feel refreshed and ready to open to a day of possibilities.


The key-ingredients in the Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist are:
  • Bergamot: Reduces stress, anxiety and melts away all bodily tension. 
  • Lavender: A natural sedative; helps encourage inner peace and knowing.
  • Chamomile: A gentle oil that lifts the spirits so the mind can rest.
  • Marjoram: Warming, calming and deeply comforting herb that brings stillness. 
  • Vetiver: The oil of ‘tranquillity’ helps loosen mind and body for undisturbed sleep.
  • Sweet Almond: Nourishing, soothes brain and nervous system.
  • Clary Sage: Relaxing and promoting inner strength for a sense of calm.
  • Geranium: ‘The flower of constancy’ helps promote emotional stability, alleviate pain

Ingredients: Isopropylideneglycerol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), Anthemis Nobis Flower Oil (Chamomile), Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil (Geranium), Vetivera Zizanoides Root Oil (Vetiver), Citrus Aurantium Bergamot Fruit Oil (Bergamot), Prunus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond Oil), Salvia Sclarea Clary Oil (Clary Sage), Origanum Majorana Leaf Oil (Majorana).

About the brand

Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring.Mauli offers exceptional products created with your wellbeing in mind. Mauli seeks out the finest methods and ingredients formulating in consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners and Aromatherapists, crafted for individuals who respect the power of nature and appreciate genuine quality.

Reviews (1)

  • 22-4-2020
    Ruikt lekker maar de aroma blijft niet lang aanwezig.


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