Frapin VSOP & Frapin Parfums, an empire of flavors and smells
By COSMANIA - 15 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
At the family Frapin it's all about cognac for centuries. Since 1270 they strive for perfection at Château de Font Pinot in France. But Frapin is so much more, its an complete empire of colors, flavors and smells.
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Neville grooming, look sharp, feel good & smell great!
By COSMANIA - 15 oktober 2018 -
Men, make your morning a new ritual with Neville grooming, a natural line of hair, body and skincare and shaving products for the discerning gentleman! Want to know more?
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Santa Eulalia Barcelona Perfumes, bottled Spanish passion!
By COSMANIA - 15 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
Barcelona and Spain fans attention please! In these perfumes you will find various expressions of the soul that reflect the blistering energy and warmth of the extraordinary Barcelona. Want to know more?
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Paula’s Choice exfoliant as a gift!
By COSMANIA - 13 oktober 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Are you also hooked on Paula's Choice products? Then we'll have good news for you! Because Paula's Choice has a free gift with your purchase! Want to know more?
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Agonist parfums, a new expression in fragrances
By COSMANIA - 10 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
Agonist Parfums presents perfumes characterized by a combination of 100% natural fragrances, bottled in handcrafted glass. Today Agonist Parfums is regarded as one of the most sought after brands within the international niche market of perfumes. Want to know why?
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Scan your skin with Paula's Choice and discover the newest Defense range
By COSMANIA - 06 oktober 2018 -
Always wanted to know what's really going on with your skin? Stop by Saturday 13th of October and get free personalized skin advise from Paula's Choice skin expert. Discover your ultimate skincare routine! And meet the newest Defense range from Paula's Choice!
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‘Meet your Heroes’ gift from Pai
By COSMANIA - 29 september 2018 -
Do you have sensitive skin that shows rapid reaction? Then the Pai products are your 'new best heroes'! Meet & greet the Pai heroes and receive them as gifts with the purchase of € 45, - to Pai products! Everyone can enjoy a radiant skin!
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Brecourt perfumes, precious moments in special perfumes
By COSMANIA - 25 september 2018 - Fragrances
Brecourt is a relatively young (since 2010) French perfume house, but the founder, Emilie Bouge, is anything but a beginner in perfumes. Emilie has a history as a perfumer for other companies before Brecourt and also, her family has a past in the perfume industry. Want to know more?
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SachaJuan Haircare - the perfect hair duo
By COSMANIA - 25 september 2018 - Haircare
As smooth and shiny as the sea on a summer’s day; that’s how your hair feels when you use the products from this Swedish celebrity hairdressing duo. Want to know more?
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Antipodes Skincare: Next level organic skincare!
22 september 2018 - Skincare
Antipodes Skincare is a super innovative, organic beauty brand. Powerwoman Elizabeth Barbalich from New-Zealand completely changed courses 10 years ago and chose a natural and healthy life... Want to know how?
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Joyful gift with Antipodes skincare!
By COSMANIA - 22 september 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
The high-tech organic formulas of Antipodes skincare provide amazing results. The Joyful Hand & Body Cream gives a direct hydration boost and makes your skin velvety soft. And you'll get it now as a gift with your Antipodes purchase! Want to know more?
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By COSMANIA - 13 september 2018 - Haircare
We are super proud that we at COSMANIA are the first in Europa to introduce you to a new revolution in natural haircare: Briogeo! This populair award-winning haircare from NYC has unique textures and is free of the 6 most important chemicals. Want to know more??
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