15 ways to use Squalan!
By COSMANIA - 22 februari 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
One of the gems of our Squalan skincare range is the Pure Facial Oil. The ingredient of this oil is 100% natural and helps your skin to recover by giving back what naturally belongs in it. The Pure Facial Oil can be used in many different ways, try for yourself!
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Happy New Hair!
By COSMANIA - 22 februari 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare
Start now with more volume, a fresh scalp and more shine in your hair with the Swedish hairbrand SachaJuan! Get a SachaJuan shampoo and receive an amazing conditioner worth €11!
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Get Valentine ready!
By COSMANIA - 01 februari 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz
Are you having a hot date on Valentines day? Then you need to shine ‘head to toe’! And we can help you...
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Watch out! Addictive Aurelia gifts!
By COSMANIA - 24 januari 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Skincare exceeding the highest expectations and therefore winner of over a 100 awards! Receive a great gift of this prefect brand! SOLD OUT
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Blue Monday!
By COSMANIA - 19 januari 2019 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
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Christmas gifting inspiration
By COSMANIA - 28 december 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz
At COSMANIA we are happy to help you with the most sparkling Beauty Gift ideas for everyone. Get inspired with our Gift Guides for your BFF, your mother-in-law or your hubby for example! Here are our top 10 Christmas gifts!
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COSMANIA win promotion!
By COSMANIA - 17 december 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz
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The COSMANIA Beauty Box! What's inside?
By COSMANIA - 06 december 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Makeup, Skincare, Sleep
The exclusive COSMANIA Beauty Box is back and this time as the one-and-only COSMANIA Travel Bag! A limited edition travel bag with amazing beauty goodies from our (web)shop worth over €205,-. Now for only €52,50! Want to know what's inside? Keep on reading!
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Classic Red
By COSMANIA - 05 december 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Makeup
How to: classic red lips & a bold eyeliner!
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Join our Perfume Party this Saturday at COSMANIA Amsterdam!
By COSMANIA - 29 november 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances
Would you like to be supported in your quest by a perfume expert to find the perfect scent that matches your wishes and skin?
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