The power woman behind LOOkX!

By COSMANIA - 28 February 2024 - COSMANIA Buzz , Makeup , Skincare

Get to know the philosophy of LOOkX female founder Cindy van der Peet

The award winning beauty brand LOOkX was founded in 1999 by skin expert in the beauty industry Cindy van der Peet. Cindy noticed that beauty brands make a lot of great promises but deliver little results when it comes to certain skin problems. Think of acne, large pores, wrinkles, sagging skin and excessive pigmentation. Cindy wanted to make a difference in this. Developing products that help consumers with their skin concerns and that really do what they promise. No empty promises just results!


Everyone deserves skin that is in the best condition. Regardless of life stage, lifestyle, mood or other circumstances. LOOkX has products for the everchanging skin. For every phase in your life (think of: not only of aging but also of: menstruation, pregnancy, menopause), for every mood (think of: stress, night out & hangover), and for every situation (think of: through wind and weather & after a long day). Nowadays we are all looking for products that are both easy to use and give quick results. LOOkX's answer to this is multipurpose products based on innovative skin science. Multipurpose means that you can fulfill multiple beauty wishes with one product.


For LOOkX, being kind to nature and animals is very important. That is why LOOkX stands for clean beauty. The formulas, which are developed in an eco cert certified laboratory in Switzerland, consist of up to 80% natural ingredients. The products are also safe to use, skin-friendly, vegan, have not been tested on animals and where possible they use refillable, biodegradable packaging.


But the real magic of LOOkX lies in its use of innovative skin science. Where other brands use a minimum percentage of active ingredients to make a claim, LOOkX products clinically contain the most effective tested percentage to give best results.The LOOkX skin care products contain plant stem cell technology that has effects up to 50 times more powerful. Using this technology guarantees faster and better results. A nice side effect is that this technology is very sustainable because it reduces water use by up to 50%.


This, in combination with the LOOkX time release technology, results in a visibly powerful effect on the skin. LOOkX combines these technologies with the most active and effective ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, to quickly and effectively make the skin beautifully healthy and radiant again.


Last but not least, the LOOkX makeup products contain the LOOkX expertise in skin care. This results in make-up products that are not only color but also care in one. Do you also want to age beautifully? Then LOOkX should not be missing in your daily beauty ritual.