Shop ViliV with 25% discount
By COSMANIA - 17 april 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Do you want to try ViliV? This is the perfect opportunity! Only this weekend (Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 April) you will receive a 25% discount on the entire ViliV range. Below we have made a selection of must-have ViliV products.
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Boost your sensitive skin
By COSMANIA - 07 april 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
You can recognize sensitive skin by a tight feeling, redness and sometimes even an itching feeling. It's annoying, but luckily there are solutions! During your skincare routine, focus on increasing the resistance of your skin.
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Sleep well with this gift
By COSMANIA - 02 april 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare, Sleep
Pamper your body & mind with this great offer. When you spend € 50 on This Works products, you will now receive the full size Sleep Power Nap Spray for FREE (with a value of € 35). Use the code NAPTIME to receive your gift.
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NEW: U Beauty
By COSMANIA - 17 maart 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
We have added another fantastic luxury beauty brand to our shop: U Beauty. Founder Tina Craig (you probably know her as @bagsnob on Instagram) believes that your skincare routine can be more compact and better, that's how U Beauty (Skincare simplified) was born. The range consists of three luxury star products (different sizes). Discover the products below & shop them exclusively at COSMANIA!
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The ultimate anti-aging products
By COSMANIA - 05 maart 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
We don’t really like it, but (fine) lines and wrinkles are simply part of the aging process of the skin. Although we cannot stop time, we can make our greatest wish - aging beautifully - come true. With -of course - a little help from the right products.
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Revive your dull skin
By COSMANIA - 22 februari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Does your skin look dull and flaky or do you suffer from fine lines? Your skin could use a boost! We have selected products that will give your skin back her glow and healthy colour.
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Celebrate love with these Valentine's Day gifts
By COSMANIA - 05 februari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Skincare
It's almost Valentine's Day. Who will you surprise on the day of love? At COSMANIA we have put together a selection of Valentine's Day gifts, where you will find a suitable gift for everyone - including yourself of course. Order your gifts now and you will receive them before Valentine's Day. Can't choose? Tip: a COSMANIA gift voucher is always a good idea!
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Tips on surviving the curfew
By COSMANIA - 29 januari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Makeup, Skincare, Sleep
The evening suddenly feels a lot longer because of the curfew. Although that can be very annoying, we want to try to make the best of it together with you. Turn your boring evenings into ultimate self-care nights. How? We have made a selection of products that can help you! Before you know it, a new day has dawned...
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Everything about dehydrated skin
13 januari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Dehydrated skin is very common. Dry skin is dehydrated, but oily skin can also be dehydrated. Do you have a tight feeling, fine lines and/or flakes? Then you probably have dehydrated skin. The solution? Moisturize!
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Fresh start
By COSMANIA - 01 januari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Skincare
Start the new year with a new skincare routine. A fresh start! We have selected some amazing products for you below. Try the Exfoliate Glycolic Acid Toner from Pestle & Mortar or CBD Scalp + Body Oil from Philip B!
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Self-care is a priority
28 december 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare, Sleep
It is very important to take good care of yourself during this second lockdown. Pampering yourself is a must! This Works offers a fantastic Stress Check range to reduce stress and Sleep range to improve sleep. Below we have made a selection of more products that provide relaxation for body and mind.
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Last minute Christmas shopping
19 december 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare, Sleep
Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Shop your last-minute Christmas gifts online! Make everyone happy with these amazing scented candles from Malin + Goetz. Choose a fragrance that fits the recipient best and surprise him or her with this luxurious gift. The candles have a nature-friendly formula consisting of bees, vegetable and soy wax. The candles are strong enough to provide the living room with a wonderful, subtle scent.
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