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Mimitika Sun Lovers gift
By COSMANIA - 14 juni 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Mimitika suncare makes sun protection fun! The products have textures that don't feel like sun protection, but they do offer optimal protection against UVA and UVB radiation and... ensure a natural and long-lasting tanning result!
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Natural & clean gift from Lavido
By COSMANIA - 01 juni 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Want to try Lavido? We have an amazing offer! With a purchase of €35 worth of Lavido products, you will now receive a FREE Lavido Intoxicating Body Wash Patchouli & Vanilla 60ml + 2-in-1 Purifying Mask & Exfoliator 15ml.
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Spoil your body with this Malin+Goetz gift
By COSMANIA - 25 mei 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Haircare, Skincare
There is now a nice promotion to get to know Malin+Goetz! With the purchase of € 65 of Malin+Goetz products you will receive a beautiful gift bag with the Rum Hand + Body Wash 10 ml + Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer 10 ml + Eucalyptus Deodorant 5.1 gr worth € 20 as a gift.
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New mom must-haves
By COSMANIA - 05 mei 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Makeup, Skincare, Sleep
Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm Tatjana – content marketing manager at COSMANIA. On Christmas Day 2021 I gave birth to the nicest son in the world (in my opinion). I thought that my XL beauty routine would’nt change with a little one around. Everything would be different for me - of course. Haha, boy was I wrong!
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Shop the beautiful collection of Molton Brown at Cosmania
By COSMANIA - 07 april 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Haircare, Skincare
Molton Brown from London contains a beautiful collection of original wonderfully scented bath and body products with nourishing formulas, perfumes, hair products, beauty products and a home collection to add a little luxury to your daily bath or beauty ritual. Shop now at COSMANIA!
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By COSMANIA - 14 maart 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
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Female founder behind Comme Ça Skincare
By COSMANIA - 01 maart 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Charlotte Seijerlin, the founder of Comme Ca Skincare, had enough of all the allergic reactions she got when using regular skin care products. She discovered that the products she used were full of synthetic ingredients. She decided that this had to change and to look for alternatives and so she started developing her own skin care products that contain only natural, clean and herbal ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
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The power woman behind LOOkX!
By COSMANIA - 01 maart 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Makeup, Skincare
The award winning beauty brand LOOkX was founded in 1999 by skin expert in the beauty industry Cindy van der Peet. Cindy noticed that beauty brands make a lot of great promises but deliver little results when it comes to certain skin problems...
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Skinimalism; Less is really more
By COSMANIA - 01 februari 2022 - Skincare
Say hello to 15 minutes extra sleep time because the 10-step beauty routine is almost passé. In fact, the skin needs very little. There are so many smart beauty products that you no longer need to layer.
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This is how you tackle hyperpigmentation!
By COSMANIA - 31 januari 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem. They are small or larger dark spots, usually on your face. Hyperpigmentation is nothing but a discoloration of the skin. For example, pigment spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun.
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How do I tackle large pores?
By COSMANIA - 29 december 2021 - Skincare
Pores fulfill a useful function because they allow your skin to breathe. Each pore has a sebaceous gland that produces oil, so pores on the oilier areas of your skin are slightly larger and coarser (such as on your nose, for example). Only the appearance also wants something and it is less beautiful if your foundation gets into the pores.
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New from Mario Badescu!
By COSMANIA - 20 december 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Skincare
Cosmania has been a fan of the simple and effective skincare products from Mario Badescu for years. In 1967 he opened his first salon in New York City and 50 years later the brand is still incredibly popular. Mario Badescu offers a skin care solution for every conceivable skin problem, from acne to anti-aging, for every age and for every skin type.
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