Favourite hair products Favourite hair products
By COSMANIA - 24 February 2023 - Haircare
There are so many different hair types… We offer the best products for every hair type. We only sell the top brands selected by us. In this blog we have already listed a number of effective, beautiful products.
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New month, new products New month, new products
By COSMANIA - 27 January 2023 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Haircare, Makeup, Skincare
We always try to update our range with the most beautiful, newest products so that your beauty stash remains up-to-date. Are you unable to keep up with our offer? Don't worry!
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New mom must-haves New mom must-haves
By COSMANIA - 05 May 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Makeup, Skincare, Sleep
Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm Tatjana – content marketing manager at COSMANIA. On Christmas Day 2021 I gave birth to the nicest son in the world (in my opinion). I thought that my XL beauty routine would’nt change with a little one around. Everything would be different for me - of course. Haha, boy was I wrong!
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Shop the beautiful collection of Molton Brown at Cosmania Shop the beautiful collection of Molton Brown at Cosmania
By COSMANIA - 07 April 2022 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Haircare, Skincare
Molton Brown from London contains a beautiful collection of original wonderfully scented bath and body products with nourishing formulas, perfumes, hair products, beauty products and a home collection to add a little luxury to your daily bath or beauty ritual. Shop now at COSMANIA!
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Ready for Summer! Ready for Summer!
By COSMANIA - 24 July 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Skincare
Nothing is as changeable as the Dutch weather… Do you long for sun and happy days on the beach? With the products below you will get in the mood. Do not forget to protect your hair and skin and also to take care of your skin after a day of sun.
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NEW: Living Proof Curl NEW: Living Proof Curl
By COSMANIA - 24 June 2021 - Haircare
Do you have curls? Then you know how tricky it can be to style them. You can only get beautiful curls, with beautiful hair! That is why Living Proof have developed the Curl line.
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Fresh start Fresh start
By COSMANIA - 01 January 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Skincare
Start the new year with a new skincare routine. A fresh start! We have selected some amazing products for you below. Try the Exfoliate Glycolic Acid Toner from Pestle & Mortar or CBD Scalp + Body Oil from Philip B!
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Vogue Favourites Vogue Favourites
By COSMANIA - 27 October 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare, Makeup, Skincare
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NEW at COSMANIA: Philip B! NEW at COSMANIA: Philip B!
By COSMANIA - 10 September 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare
Philip B is a hairdresser and not just any one: he had Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Lady Gaga in his chair. His famous hair products are also shoppable at COSMANIA! We are happy to advise you on which products are suitable for you. Call us or ask your question via email or chat!
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Hair news under the sun Hair news under the sun
By COSMANIA - 08 July 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare
Care for your (hair) color with the Living Proof Color Care line! But how does this UV absorbing line actually protect your beautiful locks in the sun? Read on quickly!
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The new hair masks from Living Proof! The new hair masks from Living Proof!
By COSMANIA - 03 April 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Haircare
Living Proof, the brand owned by actress Jennifer Aniston - you know, Rachel in Friends with the haircut called 'The Rachel' - is a special collaboration between hairdressers, hair stylists and scientists. Living Proof therefore stands for hair care and styling products that really deliver on their promises. And the only one who can prove that? That is you: after all, you are the Living Proof. The brand is now launching three new hair masks that transform your hair from mwah... to wow! in five minutes. Do you want to know more? Discover them here.
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