Celebrate love with these Valentine's Day gifts
By COSMANIA - 05 februari 2021 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Skincare
It's almost Valentine's Day. Who will you surprise on the day of love? At COSMANIA we have put together a selection of Valentine's Day gifts, where you will find a suitable gift for everyone - including yourself of course. Order your gifts now and you will receive them before Valentine's Day. Can't choose? Tip: a COSMANIA gift voucher is always a good idea!
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You always smell good with these parfums!
By COSMANIA - 23 september 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances
At COSMANIA, you can discover worldly scents for him and her from brands like Goldfield & Banks, Miler & Bertaux, Costume National, BDK Parfums en Olfactive Studio! Escentric Molecules is the newest addition: a niche perfume brand with revolutionized fragrances!
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The better Father's Day gift: Escentric Molecules
By COSMANIA - 16 juni 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances
New at COSMANIA: the niche perfume brand Escentric Molecules that has revolutionized fragrance! Escentric Molecules uses only one note in a number of perfumes. The unique thing about the formula is that the scents give the perfume's wearer extra appeal. That's the better gift!
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Need inspiration for father's day? you will find the best gifts for your father at COSMANIA!
By COSMANIA - 09 juni 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances, Skincare
Don't forget: Sunday 21 June is Father's Day! For all sweet, tough, romantic, sexy, sporty and funny daddies you will find the most beautiful Father's Day gifts at COSMANIA!
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#Inspiration for Mother's Day: the best scents to give as a present!
By COSMANIA - 01 mei 2020 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances
You will find the most beautiful fragrance for your mom at COSMANIA! We have scents that suit every personality, from romantic to unique, from cheerful to warm. Do you need inspiration? We are happy to help you choose a fragrance that will really spoil your mom!
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Join our Perfume Party this Saturday at COSMANIA Amsterdam!
By COSMANIA - 29 november 2018 - COSMANIA Buzz, Fragrances
Would you like to be supported in your quest by a perfume expert to find the perfect scent that matches your wishes and skin?
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Frapin VSOP & Frapin Parfums, an empire of flavors and smells
By COSMANIA - 15 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
At the family Frapin it's all about cognac for centuries. Since 1270 they strive for perfection at Château de Font Pinot in France. But Frapin is so much more, its an complete empire of colors, flavors and smells.
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Santa Eulalia Barcelona Perfumes, bottled Spanish passion!
By COSMANIA - 15 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
Barcelona and Spain fans attention please! In these perfumes you will find various expressions of the soul that reflect the blistering energy and warmth of the extraordinary Barcelona. Want to know more?
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Agonist parfums, a new expression in fragrances
By COSMANIA - 10 oktober 2018 - Fragrances
Agonist Parfums presents perfumes characterized by a combination of 100% natural fragrances, bottled in handcrafted glass. Today Agonist Parfums is regarded as one of the most sought after brands within the international niche market of perfumes. Want to know why?
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Brecourt perfumes, precious moments in special perfumes
By COSMANIA - 25 september 2018 - Fragrances
Brecourt is a relatively young (since 2010) French perfume house, but the founder, Emilie Bouge, is anything but a beginner in perfumes. Emilie has a history as a perfumer for other companies before Brecourt and also, her family has a past in the perfume industry. Want to know more?
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