Liability at COSMANIA


It is essential that all instructions on the packaging and leaflets are read before use and that you follow them carefully. COSMANIA accepts no liability for misuse of and/or deviation from any label usage directions.

If COSMANIA is liable to you, the Customer, for any reason, our liability will be limited to the amount paid by you for the Product concerned. With the exception of malicious intent and gross negligence, COSMANIA is in no way liable for any damages caused by inaccuracies, incompleteness, and/or unlawfulness of the website’s content, the customer’s (incorrect) use of the website, and the provision of false information by the customer. With the exception of malicious intent and gross negligence, COSMANIA is in no way liable for any damage caused by the products it supplies and/or any failure in the fulfilment of the ‘contract’ or the breach of any other obligations to the Customer.

Damages or injuries that, in the opinion of the Customer, are caused by the gross negligence of COSMANIA, must, in every instance, be reported in writing to COSMANIA as soon as possible, and within thirty (30) days. Damage or injury not reported to COSMANIA within this time period is not eligible for reimbursement. The only exception is if the Customer can prove that he/she was unable to reasonably report the damage/injury earlier.

COSMANIA’s website and its content have been prepared with great passion and the utmost care. However, it has been done by human effort, and therefore inaccuracies and omissions can occur. COSMANIA is not liable for any loss of profits/earnings, loss of goodwill or any other consequential damages.

COSMANIA does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, and is therefore not liable for the contents of this information or for any damages resulting from any inaccuracies or incompleteness of the information provided. Furthermore, COSMANIA is not liable for damages caused by technical problems that might arise with the website and/or the Internet, such as interference, temporary interruptions, errors or delays in providing information and services from COSMANIA. Additionally COSMANIA is not responsible for any damage suffered as a result of information, advice or ideas provided via the COSMANIA website or e-mail traffic from COSMANIA.

COSMANIA manages and maintains this website from the Netherlands, and therefore does not guarantee that the information we provide on the website is always entirely suitable for use in other countries.

Review liability
The product reviews placed via Kiyoh reflect the personal opinion of the corresponding user. COSMANIA is in no way responsible for the content of these reviews.
If the reviews are not in line with our own or with Kiyoh's ‘review house rules’, then we reserve the right to (partially) eliminate the reviews from the site.

Much attention has been paid to the design of this site. Therefore, the COSMANIA webshop is copyright protected. This site is solely for the personal or internal use of our customers. It is not permitted to reproduce any part of the site, other than by downloading and viewing on a single computer, and/or printing a single hardcopy. It is not permitted to copy, transmit or make available on a network in any other way any part this site without prior written approval from COSMANIA.

Unless otherwise is indicated, all names and logos featured on this site are the property of COSMANIA and the brands COSMANIA sells. Without written approval from COSMANIA or the concerning brands, it is not permitted to use these logos or trademarks for any other website or uses.

COSMANIA reserves the right to change the information on this site at any time, without prior notice.

Every attempt has been made to explain our Liability and Copyright policies as clearly as possible. Should you have any questions, you can find more information about us and our way of working in the ‘customer service’ section.

If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, or if you have a specific question, please contact us at or via the contact form.