COSMANIA in the press

We are very proud we're getting a lot of attention in the press with our webshop, with our COSMANIA store and of course with our great products!

For press clippings regarding the products we carry, follow this link. And below you'll find a few general examples of clippings about COSMANIA as a total.

VOGUE: "Vogue's best online shop ..., a Dutch beauty phenomenon where many foreign brands, such as This Works, Elemental Herbology and Cowshed, are exclusively sold...

VOGUE: 'POSITIVE ENERGY. Breast cancer is all over in October. Of course, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you do not immediately notice your appearance, but in the course the treatment it is nice to pay extra attention to skin, hair and nails. To prevent tickles and irritation during the treatment period, your skin needs a lot of moisture. Choose a product that also adds fat and is fragrance free. Also good: a product with probiotics that supports the good bacteria on the skin: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalize & Glow Serum!