By COSMANIA - 23 May 2024 - COSMANIA Buzz


The Crazy COSMANIA Days are here! From Thursday May 23 10:00 AM, your favourite COSMANIA products are 20% off! Have you already made your wish list? Don’t miss out! Can’t choose? No worries we’ve got your back. Read this blog for the best shop tips for upcoming Summer! 

Note: BDK Parfums, COSMANIA gift cards, COCOSOLIS, Danessa Myricks Beauty, LOOkX, Lovaskin, Marie Stella Maris, Molton Brown, Parfumado, Perricone MD, The Insiders, The Organic Pharmacy and Yvra are not included in this promotion.

Mario Badescu 

Mario Badescu is a brand that is known for appreciating your inner beauty. It has products for every skin type. The formulas from Mario Badescu are enriched with organic ingredients to nourish and repair the skin.  
Shop tip: After a lovely summer day, it's important to cleanse the skin properly. The Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is a refreshing lotion for oily and/or combination skin. The skin is refreshed and deeply cleansed with this lotion, which removes pore blockages and thoroughly disinfects the skin surface for a clean complexion. This helps prevent future acne problems. 

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Among other things First Aid Beauty is the perfect brand for specific skin problems. The everyday skincare products from FAB can even be used on sensitive skin. Beside skincare de brand also has various products for your body. 
Shop tip: Do you have chafted thighs during Summer when wearing shorts/skirts? FAB has the perfect solution: the Anti-Chafe Stick. This product makes your legs softer (without being greasy) which reduces the friction between your thighs. Ideal for upcoming Summer! 

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With modern colours and amazingly nourishing ingredients ILIA separates itself from other organic make-up brands. This high-quality brand has a wide range of makeup products with beautiful shades and stunning designer packaging. All products are enriched with built-in skincare.  
Shop tip: Do you want a beautiful smooth skin and sun protection at the same time? Then the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF30 is the perfect product for you! This product is available in thirteen different shades. With its satin finish a beautiful glow will appear on your skin. This serum foundation also has a blureffect which makes bumps and wrinkles instantly less visible.  

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Philip B

For a beautiful appearance shiny hair is a must! Create your dream look and keep your hair healthy with the products of Philip B. Every product is enriched with a unique mixture of therapeutic flower and plant extracts, mild cleansers, and time-released moisturizers.  

Shop tip: With high temperatures your hair is more likely to dry out. This causes it to look dull and frizzy. You can easily solve this problem with the Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo. This shampoo is hydrating, nourishing and gives a beautiful shine to your hair. This product can also be used on dyed or with keratin treated hair.  

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