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New at COSMANIA! After the success of the Coucou Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethystroller, we launch the Coucou Power Face Roller! With this you create your own @home spa. Improve the quality of your skin with this sonically vibrating facial massage tool with no less than three (!) interchangeable heads of 100% rose quartz. Your full facial massage, that doesn't require an appointment. The Coucou Power Face Roller combines an age-old tradition with modern technology. With three vibration levels - up to 13000 vibrations per minute - this is the perfect lazy-girl skin care hack.

All three heads stimulate blood circulation and support the lymphatic system (removal of toxins). The Round Roller has been specially developed for around the eyes; the Spiked and Smooth Roller are best suited for the jawline and cheeks, forehead and neck. The Spiked Roller massages deeper into the skin with its crystal 'spines' which promotes cell renewal without damaging the top layer of skin. In this way, it can be seen as a holistic and hygienic alternative to microneedling. The Smooth Roller is perfect for improving the absorption of skin care products and has a wonderful cooling, relaxing effect. The vibrations relax the facial muscles, relieve tension, promote blood circulation and strengthen the well-known Coucou rolling benefits. We put them in a row.

● The rolling motion improves blood flow and promotes lymph drainage (the removal of toxins) thereby reducing dark circles, bags and puffy cheeks. Ideal for (too) early mornings!
● The facial roller improves the elasticity of the skin, giving your face a soft, natural lift. 
● The rolling is like a mini tissue massage, which stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in less visible fine lines and wrinkles.
● Rolling improves the skin texture and clarity of your complexion, giving you that natural glow.
● Your skincare products are better absorbed during the use of the roller and the roller also has a wonderful cooling, relaxing effect.

How to use

Always clean your face first! Apply a serum, oil or moisturizer before rolling. Roll with the Coucou Power Face Roller for five to ten minutes a day, in the morning or evening. Alternate between the Smooth and Spiked Roller for variation in intensity and stimulation. We recommend using the Smooth Roller in the morning and the Spiked Roller in the evening.

1. Click three times to turn on and three times to turn off.
2. Hold for two seconds to adjust the vibration intensity.

One light: 5000 vibrations per minute
Two lights: 9000 vibrations per minute
Three lights: 13000 vibrations per minute

3. When the start button is green, the battery is charged to 30%, when the button is red the battery is less than 30%.


The Coucou Power Face Roller is made from 100% rose quartz.

About the brand

An ancient Chinese beauty ritual revives! Named as the 'work-out for the face', 'natural face-lift' and 'rejuvenating beauty tool with healing effect', The Coucou Club launches their first product: Coucou Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers! Let's roll.

Reviews (1)

  • 14-6-2020
    Gebruik het pas enkele dagen, dus weet niet welk resultaat ik kan verwachten. Maar het is al wel iedere dag een heerlijk ontspanningsmoment, op een zelfgekozen tijdstip.

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