Dermalogica, the professional brand that is used in many beauty salons, does not do cute or pampering products in a mega luxurious packaging. What does Dermalogica do? When products of this super effective brand come into contact with the skin, something special and positive happens: healthy, beautiful skin appears to be feasible for everyone. Whatever your skin type, skin condition or skin problem, Dermalogica has a suitable product or product line for it!

About Dermalogica

In 1986, beautician Jane Wurwand discovered that most of the product lines focused on 'beauty' and that there was no product line that focused entirely on healthy skin. That's why she started to develop her own products and that's how Dermalogica was born. Her vision was clear: she wanted to offer products that improve the skin and make it healthy, without irritants and ingredients that can clog the skin and cause pimples (such as lanolin, denatured alcohol, dyes and perfume). Dermalogica caused a riot in the beauty industry by putting skin improvement and healthy skin above beauty and glamour! Dermalogica is therefore not cute, pampering or luxurious but a no-nonsense brand that focuses entirely on healthy skin. All products are free from microplastics, mineral oils, lanolin, chemical colors and fragrances. Dermalogica simply does not use them because those substances are bad for the skin. Dermalogica always chooses ingredients that have been proven to work. In addition, almost all products are vegan (except for four products) and the products are not tested on animals. PETA and Leaping Bunny have recognized Dermalogica as an animal testing free organization. And even more good news: these super effective products from Dermalogica are now available at COSMANIA!