Marie-Stella-Maris' passion for design and attention to detail is reflected in everything, from design to fragrance, from ingredient to packaging. Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch social enterprise with a mission: 'Access to clean water and hygiene for everyone, worldwide!' The sales of mineral water, body care, and luxury home fragrances contribute to this mission. The body care products are made from natural ingredients, with distinctive unisex scents and an eye for detail. To reduce environmental impact, Marie-Stella-Maris develops sustainable refill packaging. Refilling means less packaging material, less waste, and lower CO2 emissions. This is better for the planet and the wallet.
Discover the luxurious products of Marie-Stella-Maris
Marie-Stella-Maris' products are crafted with great attention and love, featuring carefully chosen contrasting fragrance notes that create surprising, balanced, and layered luxury scents, each with a unique character. From fresh and sparkling to warm and woody, and even floral and gourmand.

Sustainable and skin-friendly body care
Marie-Stella-Maris' body products are free from water-polluting microplastics, SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, and petrochemical ingredients. They are not only better for the skin but also for the environment. All products are produced in the Netherlands and are 100% vegan. The new iconic glass packaging is refillable, produced in Europe, and 30% lighter in weight, saving material and reducing CO2 emissions.

Luxurious hand care
Explore natural hand care, from luxury hand soap to nourishing lotion. The natural composition of plant-based and skin-identical ingredients gently cleanses and leaves hands soft after each wash. The clean glass hand care packaging adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen or bathroom. Available in several unique scents, and with refill pouches to reduce environmental impact.

Premium body care
Body care products feature the most effective and safe natural ingredients, gently absorbed by the skin for maximum benefit. Free from microplastics, SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, and petrochemicals, these products are better for both the skin and the environment. The matte soft-touch body care packaging is a bathroom essential, and the bottles can be endlessly reused with convenient refill options.

Inviting home fragrances
Creating a sense of home involves more than just being there; scent plays a crucial, albeit invisible, role. A unique personal atmosphere is crafted with the home fragrances. Subtle and refreshing, warm and characteristic, these home products transform any house into a home, no matter where you are.

Discover the luxurious, sustainable, and eco-friendly world of Marie-Stella-Maris today, where every product is designed with love, care, and an eye for detail.