Discover the wonderful world of perfumes with Parfumado. This brand offers perfume travel sizes, so you can easily try out the most beautiful and unique scents. Super handy, because this way you prevent any bad purchases in the future! In addition to these perfume try-out sets, Cosmania also sells the popular room sprays that provide every room with delightful scents.

About Parfumado

Parfumado was founded in 2017 by brother and sister Martijn and Floor van Rooy. They knew the power of perfumes, but found it difficult to find new favorites online that fit changing occasions and seasons. This is how they came up with the idea to build a discovery platform for perfumes. Today, Parfumado provides the most unique scents in handy travel sizes to easily discover the unique world of perfumes.

Cosmania offers exclusive Parfumado try-out sets that are specially composed for our customers. You will find our ultimate favourites in here, packed in a luxurious gift box. These are ideal sets to try out, travel or gift our bestsellers. Cosmania also sells the popular, great-smelling Parfumado room sprays.